DVDFab Mobile Settings For Zen?

[qanda]This thread is about the Creative Labs ZEN 16GB Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Can anyone help me with the settings required to use DVDFab Mobile? I am trying to get a movie trancoded so that it will work on the Creative Zen.

I have had great success getting movies from DVD to my PSP, but I have had no luck doing the same with the Zen.


I have a Zen 2Gb so my approach should work for your device if it suits your aspirations.

I opted for AVI format, and ended up creating my own profile as per attachment. It is set to always use fixed video bitrate of 800 and fixed mp3 bitrate of 128, use same fps as source and always be 320x240 output size.

In the main DVDFab program, make sure that in Common settings under DVD to MObile under Generic to set the automatic cropping OFF (otherwise a fight breaks out inside DVDFab over whether to stick with 320x240 or not).

The profile works with v5.1.2.2 and v I haven’t tried any other intermediate versions of DVDfab.

Save the attached xml profile into the profiles subdirectory under where you installed the dvdfab program removing the .txt off the end of the filename.
Then inside DVDfab, under Common settings, General, customise UI, choose DVD to MObile option group, new, select zen, and then add to options to display.

hope this helps

generic.zen.xml.txt (946 Bytes)