DVDFab Mobile Option Surround Sound Output

I am trying to find out what settings and options will give me sourround sound output when I use DVDFab Mobile option to rip a DVD to a Video file. I see some mention of it in the XBox 360 settings but no real info. I usually use a mp4 video with h264 compression setting with aac audio, and I know that aac can support up to 48 channel audio but what channel setting is best if i want to get 5.1 audo. The settings to choose from are usually stereo, 5.1 multi channel, Dolby Surround/ Pro Logic and Dolby Prologic II. When I use the 5.1 setting the sound is not very good, like i used too low a bitrate even when using the largest bitrate. I have version

Any help is appreciated.

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When you using mp4 as output file format, current now, you just only can select AAC, maybe in the future, can add the support for directly using AC3 as audio source of mp4 file.

what your mean is current AAC encode cannot get better quality by using low or large bitrate ?

The Sound is great when I use a channel setting other than the 5.1 but I can’t tell if those channel settings are 5.1 or if my system is upconverting from stereo to 5.1.

Have you tried using any of the ‘audiocopy’ profiles? Assuming you are trying to make an AVI file, try either the generic.avi.XVID.audiocopy or the generic.avi.DivX.audiocopy profiles, and choose either the Dolby Digital or DTS soundtracks.

I use the generic.xvid.avi.audiocopy & the generic.h264.avi.audiocopy all the time and always choose the DD5.1 soundtrack.

These profiles retain the original audio without alteration as Rollo said above. I set video bitrate at around 1100.