DVDFab Mobile fps droping problem

When I want to grab a video from DVD to .avi (xvid) it starts the encoding with 60 fps than slowly drops to 0.0 and does nothing forever. Then I canceled it… Tryed a copple of times and the same. Any thoughts?

Here is the log file:

14:06:04: You are trying "DVDFab Mobile Option".
14:06:05: Task 1
14:06:05: Source( H:\VIDEO_TS )
14:06:05: Video( Title=1, Angle=0, PlayTime=00:03:21, Chapter=1-1, AspectRatio=4:3 )
14:06:05: Audio(  [A0h] undefined PCM/2  )
14:06:05: Target( C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\Desktop\DVD RIP\generic\MY GREAT DVD\ )
14:06:05: Conversion: one pass begin...
14:15:22: User cancelled.

Im on Vista x64 SP1

It may be the PCM audio on the original. Try updating to

I just recently encountered the same problem with one of my daughters DVDs that came with one of her toys. It went through first pass pretty normally and then started dropped about 12% into the second pass. Since it was only 2 channel… I used the MP3 profile for AVI and XVID instead of Audiocopy and it processed without a problem. SO this looks to still be a problem, but was easy enough to get around in this case since it was only a DVD with 2 Channel on it. Hope this helps someone in the future, and I was using the latest DVDFab 5 at the time.

You might try looking in the DVDFAB Mobile Forum at the top of this Forum and do a search or look at some threads and you might find an answer to your problem. BTW welcome to the FAB Forums

Forgot to add that if you are using version then you are way behind on the updates, maybe you ought to download the latest version and then try it