DVDFab Merge

I want to merge some info from DVD A and some info from DVD B onto a single DVD (output). Do I put the DVD A & B info into a single HDD folder or should I use two folders (in effect, Folder A would be source for Merge1 and Folder B would be source for Merge2). I’m a little confused as to the correct approach using Merge. Thank you.

Read this it will help alot-Welcome to the best forum for all your Fab needs

Thanks. My understanding after reading the tutorial is that I need to put both sources into the same HDD folder before I proceed. Is that right?

Not necessarily. You can put one Source on your HDD, for the other you can use the original DVD disc. If you choose to use HDD folders the process will run faster since the files are already decrypted. The HDD Sources can be in different folders, even on different drives. When you click on the Source folder icon it will bring up the navigation window to let you select the source location. When making the HDD folders, select DVD9 size so the files will only be compressed once during the Merge process (if the files are too large for the output size you have chosen for Merge (DVD5 or DVD9).

Thanks very much Signals - that helps a lot.

You’re welcome and I hope it works well for your project. Post back in this thread if you have any difficulties or other questions.