DVDFab Media Player for Windows is out!



DVDFab Media Player for Windows is out!


DVDFab Media Player for Windows (August 22, 2013)

This is the first official version.


Got a 404 page

Try this:


[QUOTE=bean55;2696853]Got a 404 page

Try this:


Thanks for reporting that and thanks also to WeeHappyPixie for the update. :flower:



Strange that a Beta would be an official release


[QUOTE=AGJ;2696919]Strange that a Beta would be an official release[/QUOTE]
Thats is sort of strange but they have it for sale now on the main site, when you think about it are any of these releases actually final versions, maybe for a moment but then there is another beta, in my opinion all these programs are constantly in a beta state.:wink:


[B]Meet DVDFab Media Player 2.0: Bet You Will Love It[/B][B]Deal Alert[/B]: The second generation of DVDFab Media Player with redesigned UI is now officially available. The all-new DVDFab Media Player 2.0 ([B]Windows version only[/B]) has all the bells and whistles you want, and it now offers [B]30% off[/B] (coupon code: [B]MPOFF[/B]) before [B]Sep. 1, 2013[/B].

[li]Offline Registration: without live internet connection;[/li][li]Redesigned UI: simpler, prettier and friendlier;[/li][li]Automatic Update: easier, quicker and smarter;[/li][li]14M in Size: amazingly small but shockingly powerful;[/li][li]Three Sets of Skins: your call to change;[/li][li]Choice of Lifetime Subscription: forget about the renewal thing;[/li][li]Color Adjust: readjusting video brightness and contrast come true;[/li][li]Two Playback Mode: Quick and Simple or Full Navigation;[/li][li]Cinavia Support: play Cinavia protected videos without a hassle.[/li][/ul]


Still to high for a lifetime subscription, not worth the yearly fee.