DVDFab maxes out CPU

DVDFab is maxing my CPU usage. It is locked at 100%. In task manager, DVDFabConsole.exe is jumping between 50 and 97 percent CPU with 106K mem usage while DVDFabPlatinu.exe is between 0 and 25 with 203K mem usage. I am getting between 14 and 20 Fps. I cannot access any of my computer folders but I can open start menu. Additionally, the program cannot handle more than one movie at a time and after it finishes, I have to restart my computer to get it to load another movie. In task manager I cannot end the DVDFab process.

Hi stevearmy and welcome to DVDFab ! Kind of sounds like you might have some apps. or programs running in the background. Open task manager and take a look at whats running. Also make sure you are not online while you are trying to burn. What size CPU are you running ? ~ Mike