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Well, sometimes I have a DVD Main Movie that exceds a little one DVD5, but when uncheck some languages I know for shure that is in a DVD5 capacity, so I have to cross my fingers and wait the final ISO result because the real lenght do not upgrade after the several unchecks of audio and subtitles. There is a chance to have in real time the lenght of the DVD after uncheck the languages/subtitles?


There is’nt. Try DVD Shrink for getting exact sizes of video and audio tracks.


But, it could have. I think it is the only thing it lacks to this excellent software.



Although DVDFab doesn’t update in realtime when you uncheck audio/subpicture, the final output will fit the size of DVDR. If it doesn’t need compression, DVDFab will copy it directly.

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Yes, you’re right. But you don’t know how many languages you have to take off to fit the DVD5 (without compression). It’s a matter of trial and error, I know, but it isn’t to much practical nowadays.


As a rule of thumb one can calculate with 200 MB per hour for 5.1, 100 MB per hour for stereo and with DTS you won’t fit to a DVD5 anyway (around 400 MB per hour). Subtitles are way below 10 MB each, so that doues not matter much.