Dvdfab - Key



I just Bought DVDfab Plat- and recived the New Key - When I enter the Key it goes back to Enter Key and will not re-start - This is the Latest DVDfab



double click the file. also make sure you have the version from dvdfab.com


[QUOTE=troy512;2028655]double click the file. also make sure you have the version from dvdfab.com[/QUOTE]

Hi Troy_ What file- When I Double Click the DVDfab pgm on the Desk top The Box comes up - Trial version has Expired enter Registration So I past the Key and it says thanks - That is as far as it goes

What File ??



You should have been emailed a Key.DVDFabPlatinum.reg file which you should save to your hard disk.

That is what Troy is referring to. To then register Fab, do not have Fab running and then just double-click on this file.

next time you open Fab, it should be registered.


Boy am I dumb - I did not see the the Reg File

Thanks for all the Help



I have the same problem. I just bought a copy on line.
I have tried pasting the key in and and it say’s it registerd, but it still come’s up with a pop up screen asking me to register. I also have tried clicking on the registration key file that came with it when I bought it. Same problem, it say’s thank you for registering, but thent he pop up window with trial period or enter key keeps showing up. I am using Vista Home premium on a brand new HPO desktop PC. Helppppppp


Sorry, it was user error on my part, I bought the Plat version, but downloaded gold, I corrected it and I am burning away. Thanks.