DVDFab Jumbles my Chapters



I have recently been trying DVDFab. When it backs up my movie to my harddrive, everything is fine. When I burn to disc and play in my dvd player (not on computer) the chapters are jumbled. The movie will start in the middle, etc. Please help me smart people !!!


When you play the file from your hdd on your computer is it okay? If so, its got nothing to do with Fab. What program are you using to burn with, what burner are you using, what speed are you burning at, what media are you using. I need information to help you.


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Yes like alan said it not a dvdfab problem it a burn problem. Lower the burn speed to half of the rated speed of your blank media. Also change the burn engine from VSO to nero if you have it or download and use imgburn. Once you do that try again and see what the outcome of the dvd is