DVDFab is not ripping the DVD to the correct size

Hi there,

I have recently started using DVDFab Decrypter to backup my films. I used to use DVD Shrink, sometimes by itself or together with DVD Fab to then burn with Nero. A few months ago I got a newer version of Nero, and DVD Shrink would no longer automatically burn the film, so after doing extensive research, I got IMG Burn and now only use that with DVD Fab8. I am now experiencing problems with DVDFab. Although I have it set to DVD5, the output file has 6,32GB. This obviously means, that IMG Burn cannot burn the film, as the file is too big, and I always get an error message confirming this(not enought space on this disc). What am I doing wrong? I must add, that I am not very good with computers, and don’t really know what I am doing. I have to always rely on tutorials to get the job done. What I noticed today was that I used to always use DVD-R discs, but by mistake I bought DVD+R ones. To test if this is the problem, I ripped a film, and didn’t burn it automatically with ImgBurn, but saved it on my pc. When I go to look at the file size, it says 6,32GB. This obviously doesn’t 100% confirm that the wrong disc format is not to blame, but at least I can see that something with DVD Fab is not working. Is it possible to use different DVD blanc disks with the same burner?:frowning:

I would appreciate any help you can give me.:bow:

There is a version of DVDShrink that can burn automatically with ImgBurn if you’d like to try it. If you look on this page: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD_Shrink you’ll see a link that says [I]Download DVDShrink for ImgBurn[/I].
Click on that and you will get a rar file (a compressed file like a zip file). You’ll need to unzip it to get the folder containing an executable file. If you don’t have a program that can unzip rar files, use a free one called 7-Zip.

Once you have the DVDShrink executable file, you can drop it into the C:/Program Files/DVDShrink folder you have in your computer. If you are using a 64 bit operating system, it will be C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDShrink. Replace the existing executable file for DVDShrink with this new one.

You’ll now have an option in DVDShrink to output as an ISO and burn with ImgBurn. Anyway, thought you might like to know about this even if you still want to use DVDFab.

The +R disks are not the problem. For some reason, DVDFab is not compressing the movie properly. If you have purchased DVDFab, it should work to compress. If you are only using the free section, called DVDFab HD Decrypter, it will rip, but not compress the movie after the 30 day trial expires.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2590227] If you have purchased DVDFab, it should work to compress. If you are only using the free section, called DVDFab HD Decrypter, it will rip, but not compress the movie after the 30 day trial expires.[/QUOTE]
I suspect like Kerry56 that the trial of DVDFab has expired & you are now using the free version.
The free version is as good in many ways it just doesn’t compress to DVD5 or single layer size after the trial.
You also need to wait 30 t0 60 days for updates of new movies to catch up with the free version.

Hi again,

yest, that seems to be the problem. I used to have an old version of DVDFab, and then upgraded. I didn’t realise it expires. I have now tried to get DVDShrink to work using ImgBurn, but I don’t quite understand how I have to do it. I no longer had Shrink on my computer, so I downloaded it and I downloaded the ImgBurn version, but that’s as far as I get. Could you please explain to me in more detail, Kerry56. That would be great. In the meantime I will check other threads, and maybe I will find my answer there. Thanks!

Install the regular version of DVDShrink.

Once you have it installed in the computer, unzip the rar file with the new DVDShrink file. When it is unzipped, you’ll see a folder, and inside that folder is the new executable file for Shrink.

You have to either drag this new executable file to the place on the computer where DVDShrink is installed, or copy and paste the new executable file in that DVDShrink folder in your Programs folder. Either dragging and dropping, or copy and paste work for this.

In essence, you want to replace the original DVDShrink executable file with this new one.

Now, when you import a dvd into Shrink, and you have everything set as you want, you click Backup. This brings up a small pop up window where you see several tabs, and it should start on Target Device. On the Backup Target line, set this to [I]ISO Image File and Burn with ImgBurn[/I].

When using Shrink it is advisable to also adjust the Quality settings. Click on the tab for Quality Settings, then put a check mark in the box to do a Deep Analysis and put a check mark in the other box to do adaptive error compensation. I normally leave the latter setting on Sharp.

Click OK to start the compression. You’ll need a blank dvd in your burner for ImgBurn to work with. I also recommend setting the burn speed manually before beginning anything in Shrink. Just open ImgBurn and set the speed to 8x (or 12x if you are using a desktop burner and good quality blank dvds). Once you have the speed set in ImgBurn, it will remember this speed and try to use it if it is possible, so no need to do it more than once.

So far so good. I got the ImgBurn version installed, and changed the settings as you said. I then opened the DVDFab file, and ripped the movie. ImgBurn then opened successfully, but then I got an error message saying that ImgBurn didn’t know where to find the file. Could you please help me out again, as I don’t know where DVDShrink put the ripped file.

I just did some more reading. I think this problem is due to Windows 7. I can’t find the file, so now I have created a folder for the DVDShrink ripped files, and am giving it another try.

The default spot for the file is in your Documents folder. You can change this in the tab called Target Device (after hitting Backup). It will be just under the line called [I] Select target image file.[/I]

ImgBurn should be able to see this automatically however. That’s the whole point of using the automatic burning setting in DVDShrink. You might try a different spot to save the file.

It looks like I got it to work, but only with your help, Kerry56!!!:smiley: Thanks a million!!!

By the way, this version is a little different than the one I was using. There must be two different ones floating around the net. This one saves to the C:/ hard drive rather than Documents. Minor difference, but enough to confuse me a bit trying to give instructions.

Glad you got it to work umhambi.