DVDFab iPod DVD Conversion Issue/Question

I’m trying to use DVDFab Platinum to convert DVDs to VIDEO_TS folders and then to mp4 files for my iPod.

Basically everything works fine, but I’m having trouble with some DVDs. These DVDs have a high-rez audio soundtrack. After the conversion, I get a very loud hissing sound that drowns out the audio track. I checked the audio format. It is:

24 bit 48kHz uncompressed PCM soundtrack.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Or is this a bug?


Try rhis Thread:




DVDFab now not support LPCM audio track input, We will add this in future release.





Thanks for the tip.

I looked at this option, but it does not look like it fixes my issue. I’m trying to get the proper conversion so I can upload it to my iPod.

Looks like Ting is aware of the issue and will add support for this format in a future release.

Hi Ting,

I see from the posts that you have many releases. This is good news and shows the product is constantly moving forward.

I don’t want to sound pushy, but when you say LPCM audio track input will be in a future release, does that mean soon? The only reason I ask is if it is soon (days or weeks away) I’ll just wait. If it will be longer (months) I will find a workaround solution for the DVDs giving me trouble. Of course I will still use DVDFab Platinum for all of the other DVDs.



Hi Ting,

Any update on this feature?

I’ve been trying all of the new versions as they come out including, and this still does not work.




March 2nd, 2007
DVDFab Platinum Updated!
* Fix: A problem that LPCM audio cannot be converted in “DVD to Mobile”.

I have add this feature and I test some LPCM disc, there are no problem, what problem of your test ?

Hi Ting,

I’ve tested it on newer versions including and have the same problem from the earlier versions on certain videos.

For the audio, all I get is a loud hissing sound. The video part is OK. These are the iPod versions (mp4 files). The normal DVD (Video_TS files) are OK for both audio and video.

These DVDs have a high-rez audio soundtrack. I checked the audio format. It is:

24 bit 48kHz uncompressed PCM soundtrack.

I tested it with newer versions, including

It still does not work. All I get is loud hissing for the audio when I convert to iPod.

I just tried one with the new beta .15. Worked. No buzzing. I used the defaults. Mine says aac audio. The DVD has AC3 audio. Where are you getting your audio details?

I have a number of DVDs that have the same problem. All I get for Audio is a loud hissing sound.

On the DVD itself, it says it is 24 bit 48kHz uncompressed PCM soundtrack.

In DVDFab, the audio type is: dts PCM/2.

I’m using all the default settings in DVDFab.

The only sound track on the original DVD is dts/pcm? There is no dolby digital, etc.?

Have you tried any trial version of different software and had it work?

Like TMPG VideoSynch, IMTOO IPOD Movie Maker? I’m not recommending those I’m just trying to eliminate a variable. IF it works with a different software then of course its DVDFab. But if you get the same audio problem with other packages its gotta be some setting, etc.

It would seem odd to me if there was only the one type of audio track on the DVD, the dts/pcm.

I have multiple DVDs that are like this. They are all Neil Young Music DVDs that only have the single high-rez audio track.

All my other DVDs that don’t have this high rez-audio track work just fine when I convert them to the iPod format.

I have tried another software package to convert it, and that did not work either. I don’t think it’s settings, I think this is an uncommon format.

The DVDFab support desk asked me to send in sample .IFO files, which I did some time back. They said I should check next releases for this to be fixed. But a long time has passed, so I do not think this is being worked on. Based on the message from Ting, I think they believe this is a closed issue.

BTW: the DVDs play just fine on the PC when I use DVDFab to convert it to Video_TS Folders. It’s only a problem when I convert them to the iPod format.

Sounds frustrating.

Since I don’t have any dvd’s like that I am just guessing. Is it possible to play them and capture them instead of ripping them? When I have odd formats like that, or odd fps rates so that no matter what I do the audio is out of synch, I capture them through my Canopus analog to digital video capturing hardware. Then what is on my hard drive is a DV AVI standard.

I go out the DVD player, or video player, or camera, etc., to the Canopus to the computer. Everything stays in synch and the quality is the same as the original source.

It sounds like you need an option to downmix the audio track inorder to rip it.

Or is this when demuxing is the answer? Seperate the sound track completely? A bit daunting but doable. But if its copy protected, can you even do that? I’d be quite frustrated.


Sorry got ahead of myself. Well if they rip to the hdd and play fine, maybe you can demux the audio/video tracks? Certainly technically more challenging but there are several sites that have the information and how to steps. Then remix the audio to a standard format and then put the video and audio back together.

Thinking out loud here. Sorry. Once on the hard drive have you tried something like Nero Recode to remake the a new DVD and then re-rip what Nero makes to make the iPop file? I have just gotten DVDFab Platnium so I do not know its compression/recode/make DVD stuff. I do know Nero.

It seems you need a step to change the audio tracks from what it is to a more universal standard format.

Before I posted it I wanted to check. With Goldwave I can import a *.vob file and Goldwave extracts the audio track. Then I can do what I want with the audio track. Of course I don’t know if Goldwave can read the HDAudio track you are dealing with.

And while I can’t easily recommend Pinnacle’s products with Studio 9, they are now getting ready to release version 11, I can import ripped DVD titles off my hard drive. Then I can use Studio to make a AVI, WMV, etc. file. I just tried it with a Simpson rip. So you might be able to, once its on your hard drive copy protection free, import the ripped file into a video editting package and remake the file with a standard format.

It’s not really frustrating. I would just like to be able to create the iPod versions. I also know that more and more DVDs are going to use this format in the future, so eventually it will be supported.

I’ll wait for awhile to see if Ting is going to address this. Otherwise I will start looking at other alternatives. My preference is to only have one set of software for these type of functions.


Is this issue being worked on?

This is just a question. If it will not be addressed I will search for another product that do my hi-rez DVDs.



I am working at it, so for let you waiting for long time …

Thanks Ting…

As long I know it will be fixed, I can wait. I prefer to use DVDFab for everything. Another product for the hi-rez DVDs will make it more complicated.



Please try DVDFab Beta.