DVDFab iPod converter problem

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the latest trial version,, and tried to convert Pink Floyd’s PULSE Disc 1 for my Video iPod.

The conversion process started okay… but wouldn’t stop!

It should have been a 40 minute or so job, but 80 minutes later the software was still running, even though it had told me the job was 100% completed by about the 40 minute mark.

I had to cancel the process to stop the software, and that just caused the program to hang, I had to ctrl/alt/delete to get out of it.

The target folder and mpg4 file has been created, but when I try to play the file with Quicktime - I have the latest version - on my PC, I get an “Error-2048, the file is not a movie file” message.

I tried to import the file into iTunes to see if that would make a difference, but it won’t import.

Needless to say I’m not too impressed, I’ve heard a lot of positive stuff about DVDFab but this doesn’t look good.

Can anyone help?


I can only say that I am using the same version and it works very well for getting videos from the DVD to my ipod. I am current transferreing the entire 7 seasons of Buffy to Ipod and it is working its way throught the ~56 disks. If I do have a problem I reboot the machine or I have found that a bad DVD will also stop the process.

Good luck

hi, Paul

Looks this DVD has some special, I think maybe DVDFab not get correct time of your select title in this DVD, so the progress and the estimate time is not correct, how long is your select title ?

the another reason maybe is the last data of Title is corrupt, so DVDFab try to read it again and again. Please select a chpater range to try it.


Hi Guys… thanks for the replies, and Ting, I think you could be right, the problem is with the Pink Floyd disc, but ONLY with DVDFab! :frowning:

I’ve been using DVD Shrink for backing up, then downloaded a trial version of the Cucusoft iPod converter, and IT handles the Floyd conversion without any problem.

I looked at DVDFab because I’d heard good things about it, and it would be nice to have one program that does it all, instead of having to use two separate ones as I currently do.

I’ll follow your suggestion and try converting an individual Floyd chapter to see if that makes a difference, but as I said on my original mail, I’ve also had problems with the software hanging/freezing when I try to stop it for instance.

Thanks for the feedback, good luck

I hope you have luck with the DVD to iPod conversion feature of DVDFAB. It has never been consistent for me.

You may find that in a lot of cases that the audio will be out of sync with the video.

Overall, DVDFAB is a good program though.