Dvdfab ipod & avi out of sync audio

As they were released, I bought all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1. A few months ago, I got a video ipod to watch stuff at work when no calls were coming in. (and yes, boss knows :smiley: )
I decided to try and watch all the sg-1 episodes at work and used DVDFab Platinum using the ipod option to rip them. I had it do 2 pass and 128 audio for louder and brighter playback on the ipod. I left the other settings alone (bitrate 768, 640x352, 29.97fps) and it worked great for the first 5 seasons. I’ve tried 4 disks of season 6 and one of season 7 and the audio is about 5 seconds behind the video on all of them. Video plays at normal speed and so does the sound. They just aren’t together. I tried it using the generic option and the avi was out of sync as well. I tried it on 3 different computers lowering the audio bitrate and the video bitrate with no difference. I tried a dvd from season 5 to make sure something wasn’t messing up my system and it worked just fine.

The season 6 dvds play fine in a dvd player. Also ripping the entire dvd to the hard drive and playing it as a dvd on the hard drive it plays fine. Even tried using the copy of the dvd on the hard drive to make a mp4 for the ipod. Nope. Also, the current version 4 does the same thing.

I tried the program “FairUse”. Way to many options that I have no idea what to do with. It did have a “Full Auto Mode” but that just picked the biggest show and converted that to an .mp4. It WAS in sync though.

I copied the dvd to the hard drive using “DVD decrypter” and then used DVDFab Platinum to try and make it an ipod mp4. It was out of sync as well. I’ll try the suggestion I saw just a bit ago to someone else about unchecking the “Enable read-ahead cache”.

Any other ideas on what to try?

First of all, try getting the latest build, then try again. If this doesn’t work, try the beta. Hope this helps

[QUOTE=bkchm91;1941033]First of all, try getting the latest build, then try again. If this doesn’t work, try the beta. Hope this helps[/QUOTE]

I did try the latest build. Same result except the filesize jumped from the normal 311 megs for an episode to 485 or so with the exact same options. Figured it was the same bug the 2 pass ipod had in version after Haven’t tried the beta yet. I’ll try that next after I try the trial version of cucusoft’s dvd to ipod.

BTW: Just noticed that on one of the 3 computers I was using version So doesn’t seem to be version specific as that one worked fine before season 6 and out of sync after.

Oh, and turning off the read-ahead cache didn’t help either.

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Nope. Beta makes out of sync mp4’s as well. Oh, and just to check, I did a 1 pass version and that was also out of sync.