DVDFab installation request

I would be very happy if there were options in the installer for DVDFAb for the following:

  1. Whether or not to install VSO (pccouffin). I have Nero and each time I install a new version it attempts to install VSO, even though I choose not to install when the VSO installer opens over the DVDFab installer. VSO causes a problem with Nero for me, so I have to uninstall it from the device manager after each update.

  2. The option to add Start Menu entries. I’ve customized my Start Menu folders and combined DVDFab into a generic DVD Programs folder that contains all associated programs. Each time I update DVDFab it adds another DVDFab Platinum 4 folder to the Start Menu that I have to delete.

Hi deputy963,

Thanks for the suggestion, and it will be added in next release.

Next time, please post request to the seperate thread in stick area, thanks.

Best Regards,

Thanks, and sorry about that!