DVDfab - incomplete HD files from ripped blu-ray

I have been trying to use DVDfab to rip Blu-Ray to files, from which I plan to play those files with PS3 (using mkv convert tool) but the files do not seem to contain any m2ts files. when I use the “bit for bit copy” option to burn from Blu-ray to Blu-Ray directly, everything works fine.

I know DVDfab says not to use AnyDVD but without it DVDfab wont even detect the Blu-Ray disk. only after starting AnyDVD can DVDfab detect and rip the disk. dunno but suspect that may be a symptom if not the problem itself

setup is as follows:

HP g60-243dx notebook
Vista Home Basic, sp1
Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset (driver ver.
LG ggw-h20l blu-ray/hd-dvd/dvd drive (connected via usb)
“DVDfab blu-ray to blu-ray” demo version

The blu-ray i am trying to rip is “Alask: Spirit of the wild (IMAX)

other than un-copyable blu-ray disk or suspect setup, is there a detailed step-by-step guide for ripping blu-ray to files? I know the process “should” be easy and looks to be easy but something is wrong and the online help, isnt…