DVDFab Help

So back in January I purchased a LG GGW-H20L hd/bd combo drive and its awesome. I also purchased DVDFab because i had been using the free version for a long time and I absolutely love it. However DVDFab does not seem to recognize my drive when i use BD/HDDVD’s regular DVD’s work fine. Ive noticed that a lot of people on the internet have this same problem and there does not seem to be a solution, or even a reason as to why this is going on.

I would like to backup my BD’s so I guess I will need to buy a new drive, What drives are working best with DVDFab?

Does anyone know why the LG’s arent working with DVDFab?

Read this thread and any of several others that the forum search will return if you use the keyword “revoked”. Some months ago the movie studios started making discs that revoked the “key” of your drive. Most require a firmware update. The thread I linked above has a statement from Fengtao about this. You might also ask LG.

Ok but I have the latest firmware, the Latest version of DVDFab, All movies play just fine, but DVDFab just wont see it, AnyDVD works but i have no idea what to do with the files. Also after i rip with Anydvd dvdfab wont recognize the iso or the folder contents