DVDFab HD not recognizing LG GGC-H20L

Hello all,

I used my external Xbox 360 HD drive (via USB) successfull with DVDFab HD decrypter under windows XP SP2. I installed the “blueprint” UDF 2.5 driver before.
On Friday my LG GGC-H20L drive has arrived and I am not able to use it with DVDFab. If I insert a HD-DVD (or blu-ray) disc, DVDFab (also latest beta) opens a popup for ~ 1 second, but does not recognize the disc. What can I do? Must I install a separate UDF 2.5 driver? I tried google, but did not find any compatible UDF 2.5 driver, I tested also imgburn, INCD etc.

Thanky you in advance,

I am having the exact same problem with the exact same drive. It pops up for 2 seconds and goes away. It will recognize regular DVD’s, but no HD/BLU discs.

This sucks because I purchased the program specifically after buying this drive. :sad:

Maybe an admin can help - I am willing to help anyway I can.


I tried to use the LG drive and DVDFab HD under Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit), but also without success. Vista should has got a bulit-in UDF 2.5 support …

Can anybody help?


I’m having the same problem. Tried using Vista (64 and 32bit) and XP. Currently using AnyDVD HD with no issues, but would prefer using DVDFab.

Same drive, same problems… any ideas would be much appreciated.

Same situation. Anyone try their LG with DVDFab HD in a usb external enclosure? I have tried Fab with the LG and a Lite On Blu internal sata and same results. External HDDVD drives, Xbox and HP HD100 work fine with Fab.

just tried it… no dice, same issue. The drive does not come up with a blu-ray disc (Cars) but regular DVD’s show up instantly and work fine. AnyDVD seemed to work without much issues, and I’ve downloaded and upgraded the drive to the new 1.02 firmware over the original 1.00, to no avail. From checking a dozen or so forums, I’m still leaning towards a SATA problem, so I may look into a PCI SATA card. For reference, I have an Intel MB with 4 built-in SATA ports.

I tried the LG now on the JMicron SATA controller (ASUS P5B Deluxe), but still without success! The same behaviour as before (connected to ICH8R controller).

[QUOTE=sgt_peppy;1983388]I tried the LG now on the JMicron SATA controller (ASUS P5B Deluxe), but still without success! The same behaviour as before (connected to [B]ICH8R[/B] controller).[/QUOTE]

RAID disabled?

On the Jmicron? There is also a Plextor DVD via IDE connected …
“Normal” Video-DVDs are working, at this moment I’m copying “28 weeks later” with the LG and DVDFab HD to the harddisk.

I have been considering buying this drive to use with DVDFab, but I guess I will wait until there is a solution to this problem.

Just ordered the PNY P-DSA150-PCI-RF card (PCI SATA 2 internal, 1 external card) for $26 off NewEgg, should arrive Wednesday. Obviously, it will be shredded out of it’s box from UPS, installed, tested, and you can expect a post from me about 2 minutes afterwards. Also found out my video card is broken, so one of those should arrive as well, so I should have a few bits of new information. Someone mentioned using a USB-SATA adapter. I have an external USB harddrive enclosure for IDE or SATA, which I then tried, but had the same results. I hope I’m not wasting all this time and money to find out it’s NOT the built-in SATA controller, but I’ll be a little closer to an answer on Wednesday. I might try that external enclosure idea with my laptop instead this time, and try to narrow SOMETHING down…

Ok, new SATA card made no significant difference.

FYI, PNY PCI SATA card (sil based chipset) with 2 internal and 2 external can only have 2 ports active at the same time settable via jumper packs. The card should not be described as a 4 port card. Regardless, it’s going back because it did not fix my problem, but I’m disappointed with them anyway. Plus the 5 second addition to my boot time was not welcome.

Anywho, I installed everything off of the CD from LG, and most of it seemed like software that I already had, lots of CyberLink products that were already included with my copy of Windows XP Black. But now, instead of doing relatively nothing with DVDFab HD, it comes up for a half a second like it normally does when you insert a DVD, but then immediately says insert media on top. So I’m one step closer to… well, okay that didn’t really accomplish much but at least my problem is identical to others, so I know it’s software based.

AnyDVD HD works, although I hate the software. I guess I’m biased because I’ve been spoiled by how well DVDFab Platinum does it’s job and has been doing so for a while for me. It’s one of only 3 pieces of software I’ve ever purchased in my life.

So whats the next step? I guess we’ve narrowed the problem down to DVDFabHD, so, is there an update coming sometime soon? I hate to be “that guy,” but I paid for the software and I thought that with lifetime updates I wouldn’t have to use/buy a second piece of software for HD discs.

Does DVDFabHD work with other drives? What advice can someone give me?

Same issue with everyone else. LG drive not recognized by DVDFAB HD. Need support asap.

[I](I PMed fengtao)

Hey fengtao. First off, I’d like to thank you for the great work you’ve done with this software. I’ve posted somewhere else on the forum that DVDFab Platinum is one of 3 pieces of software I’ve ever actually paid for because I used them so much, and I wanted to do my best to support the authors. But I have to ask a question, and I think that I’m not getting a lot of good answers on the forum because it’s regarding copy-protection and the more it gets discussed, the more the powers-that-be crack down on the solution. So, my dilemma is that I have the LG CCG-H20L HDDVD/BluRay internal SATA drive, and I’m having 0 luck with DVDFabHD, but AnyDVD works fine. What direction do I have to start looking in order to get this thing working so I can back up me BluRay and HD movies as well? This is one of those never-ending projects that were supposed to be a 2 minute install. Please do your best to point me in the right direction of a solution, whether it be modifying the DVDFab software, changing drives, drivers, cards, discs… whatever. I’m pretty confused, but I really want to get this working. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you in advance.
[I](His response)[/I]

[I]Currently DVDFab doesn’t officially support HD-DVD and Blu-ray, since we don’t have key for the latest AACS protection now. I’m sorry.[/I]


[I]So I guess, at least for now, DVDFab won’t be able to handle our HD and BluRay discs, at least until they update the software, although I still encourage everyone to support DVDFab Platinum for all of it’s features on SD DVD’s. It’s been told to me though, that even DVDFab HD will not rip only the main movie, so AnyDVD HD, although I’m not thrilled about the software, may be a temporary alternative. I’ve also heard of BlurayBackup, but haven’t researched that yet.[/I]

I have the same problem. And, on another system my HP HD100 drive has started to behave the same way. This, after working fine for nearly 3 months.

It would be nice to find a solution. I too am using ANYDVD HD as a stop gap measure, but would rather use DVDFab.


It’s been a year. Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue?


It’s been a year. Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue?[/quote]
There has been many issues with the VSO burn engine for many users and their drive/burner, the support for using ImgBurn as the burn engine has been added since this issue was first reported…have you tried switching to ImgBurn in common setting ? course you will need it installed if you don’t have it.