DVDFab HD No Longer working

I have DVDFab Platinum and DVDFab HD for my B-Ray DVD’s. Ever since I updated to version 3.2.0 I got all the bugs fixed on my DVDFab Platinum, but DVDFab HD is no longer able to read B-Ray DVD’s. It does not recognize the disk in the tray. It tries to read it for about 1/2 a second then it ask for a disc.

This use to work fine till the last update, and now it will not read or even detect a single Blue Ray DVD. Even if I uninstall the new version of DVDFab HD and re-install the older working one it does the same thing now and no longer works (Old or New).


Your Blu-Ray drive key may be revoked.


How do I unrevoke it, and how did it get revoked?

Please read the article (link) provided by Metrock.
…and thanks to Jimbo for posting the article… :flower: