DVDFab HD Decrypter4 and transfomers 2

I tried to follow the way you recommand to rip Transformers 2 with DVDFab (free version), I found the line: main movie but unfortunately for me I was unable to set Path Player as disabled ! can you please help me by giving the way to do it (wher is path player ?):sad:.

I have a second question:
I succeed to rip Transformers 2 with DVDFab (frankly speaking I don’t know what I did excatly) but after the copy with DVD Shrink 3.2 the sequences of the movie are not in the right way ( the last chapter for instance is in the middle of the movie !! where is my mistake ?:confused:

Thank you for your help and have a nice day


The latest version of DVDFab HD Decryptor is able to do the Transformers 2 DVD download and install then give a try here is link for you below