DVDFab HD Decrypter supports both HD-DVD and Blu-ray



I just posted the article DVDFab HD Decrypter supports both HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Fengtao used our news submit to let us know that he has just released DVDFab HD Decrypter The free software comes with same functionality as DVDFab Decrypter, but with the ability to…

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i’ve used DVDFAB and it’s very poor. i recommend anyDVD. no, i don’t work for slysoft, i’m a simple user from Romania.


Hi pinkish, I’m Fengtao, the author of DVDFab. I just want to know why you say DVDFab is poor? Since many people said DVDFab is the most advanced and easy-to-use DVD copy tool. Also, DVDFab is all-in-one DVD decrypting/copying/converting/burning software, AnyDVD is just DVD decryption software, how can you compare them? Best Regards, Fengtao


Maybe @pinkish is playing an April fools joke, personally I think it’s excellent software :X


I use DVDFab and I think it’s great in that any software I can use without reading the instructions is the kind I like. But, the real reason I am writing a comment, is to thank Fengtao for providing a freeware means for anyone to regain their Fair Use rights back, whether it is a DVD or now even an HD DVD or Bluray disc. The fact that you are offering CSS and now AACS decryption for free is to me very important. It helps in the “war” against corporations that wish to strip us of our rights while waving an anti-piracy flag-when we all know, this is mearly a way for these corporate types to get their clutches on our wallets, after the sale, by charging us to time-shift or stream our purchases in the future. :frowning: I mean to hell with the customer, it is all about revenue streams not digital streams. Thank you Fengtao for bursting their bubble with this freeware alternative that is easy enough for anyone to use. :d I hope this will drive another nail in the coffin for DRM! :X It makes me proud to see this announced on CD Freaks. I hope millions of people see it and download. Then I also hope that people will buy your products to help you continue on.
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…Amen! :slight_smile:


I Think That DVDFab Is The Best Ever Made DVD2DVD Copy Software :slight_smile: Love It Phantom :g


I also agree the DVDFab is an outstanding program for movie backups. A nice bonus with the Plantinum versions is that DVD to Mobile function is included, rather than sold as a separate program. It also is updated frequently to keep up with the latest anti-copy schemes. I purchased DVDFab Platinum after having excellent success with their free decrypting program. Keep up the great work and excellent product, Fengtao!


Regardless of how you feel about DVDFab, the fact that Fengtao releases a freeware version to the community speaks volumes for how he feels for his consumers. And now with R4M possibly out of the picture, having an updated freeware ripper becomes even more important. Plus he’s added AACS support…that’s incredible, if you ask me. I’m a long time AnyDVD user, but, even I appreciate the incredible effort that Fengtao brings to the freeware community. He deserves our support and praise.


I concur with the bad apple, crabbybobabbydappleton, huge KUDOS to Fengtao for making Blu-ray and HD DVD copying freely available by releasing DVD Fab HD Decrypter! :S


Using DVDFab Platinum (registered…), I appreciate friendly oriented interface, several functions what to do with DVD content etc. As to ripping, it is more powerfull than competitors. I found only some DVDs impossible to be decrypted (eg. Shocking Asia) due to some new protection breaking DVD structure in crazy way. Some hints for future improvement could be larger preview window and seemless merge of titles. I also tried to decrypt blu ray disc with HD free version, but there is something wrong with blu ray drive detection (Sony BWU-100 with Cyberlink BD support) - nothing happened, no movie detected - probably some protection added by Cyberlink. Any experience with this drive ?


i downloaded Dvdfab HD decrypter, but i dont know how to burn to a dvd after the files have been decrypted, could smeone please help


this program is great up to a point. i have been coping dvds for some time now using dvdshrink but it had it’s limits. now that i found dvdfab those movies i couldnt copy now i can. as far as for the blu ray the program doesnt support blu ray. :c i emailed support about the program they said they dont support blu ray right now but in the near future they will.


I own platinum and have downloaded hd decrypter Fentao why does this program not work on Blueray or HD will not read AACS files so far only slysoft does. but in only 2 channel.


I bought DVDfab Platinum and REALLY want to copy some of my BluRay dvd’s to .avi format. I wish this expensive program that I bought did that :frowning:


I also wanted to mention that I purchased Anydvd HD and it at least sees my BluRay (and HD) discs and let’s me copy them to my HDD. I feel like DVDfab is only for people who have non-hidefinition dvd’s because it simply is useless for BluRay (and HD because my drive reads both and I’ve tried it already).


DVDFab will not work with Blu-Ray or HD-DVD otherwise it works great. I’ve contacted technical support about it and they tell me that the BD/HD-DVD features are no longer in the DVDFab release.


how come it always splits the dvd into 5 or 6 vob files. can it just output it as one vob file?


will some one please just give me the skinny. I’m thinking of purchasing a bluray burner and have been a long time supporter of DVDFab Platinum - now DVDFab 5. With regards to backup copies of standard dvd’s, DVDFab has been exceptional, I’ve been using 1Click DVD Copy Pro for the burn. Is DVDFab Platinum any good as a decrypting program for BluRay? What is the best burning program for BluRay?


I recently download DVDfab 5 and I have no clue how to copy the movie to the disc. How do I put a movie onto a disc using this version.

Thank You