Dvdfab hd decrypter: how to shrink the backup movie files?

Hi I hope this hasn’t been asked before. I use the dvdfab hd decrypter to backup a full movie in iso. It’s burned on my computer and I want to copy it to a dvd + R 120 min - 4.7 gb disk. My question is how to step by step only copy the main movie so it can fit on my dvd disk. I hope i explained myself…

Sorry I forgot to say that I’m using the nero 7 ultra to make the dvd…

Normally if you want to reduce the size of the dvd, you rip it to the hard drive as files, not as an iso. You can then use Nero Recode with these decrypted files on the hard drive to reduce their size, and/or pick just the main movie to backup.

Since you have Nero 7 Ultra, you could use the included Nero Drive Image to put a virtual dvd drive on your computer, then mount the iso image in it. You could then access the files within the iso with Nero Recode and go through the process of compressing the dvd video to fit onto a regular dvdr disk.

Either method will work. I suggest reading a guide for using Nero Recode to get the details on compressing the video. This is an older guide, but should still give you the general idea on how to use the program.

This is a newer guide that may help.

Sorry Newbiez2,I don’t have nero7 nor I do i think it shrinks to DVD-5…But you’ll need DVDshrink in re-author mode or DVDRB, to backup movie only …then use ner0 if you must to burn it…I prefer IMGburn…good luck!..
Edit: I guess ner07 comes with nero recode …as kerry stated…:slight_smile:

Thanks for the post but I’m still lost…LOL I going to look up the guide to see if I can pick something out of it… T0nee1 the IMGburn do that let you backup copyrighted movies? Is there a online step by step instruction page for the IMGburn?
Thanks for the help

No ,IMGBurn is a burn proggy…Just rip owned flick to hdd with Fab>Shrink >Imgburn…

Kerry is correct, nero recode is capable of shrinking the file size to fit on a dvd5 (single layer disc). You can use either method Kerry described.
You can also use the method and apps which t0nee1 suggested, but you’ll have to download and install shrink and Img.

Since you already have nero 7, I suspect Kerry’s methods would be easier for you, but your choice here. Img is a great burn engine and is still being developed by LUK (the developer of the original and outstanding dvddecrypter). Shrink is no longer being developed… for more than 2 years now and so is somewhat dated, but still very useful and still used by many.

You can never have too many tool in the ol’ toolbox…:wink:

If this is in ISO format, use ctrl-i & browse to the ISO to open up the ISO in DVd Shrink.

I think I’m more confuse than ever now…LOL This is what I have done, I use the fab hd decrypter and had to copy full disk because that all that would work in the free version. I then downloaded it in ISO format, so now in my Iso file it contains the movies I have burned. I now want to copy the movies I have burned to a dvd 5 disk. To do this I need to shrink and only copy the main movie. So how do I do this? I have downloaded the shrink and also will use Nero 7 to copy. Can someone tell me step by step on how to do this ? Please… and Thank You

Did you not read the guide I provided above?..it’s simple enough…you don’t need to create iso,just backup to HDD and Fab will create a VIDEO_TS folder that you’ll open in shrink …
But perhaps an all in one prog like DVDFab platinum is what you need…
Works great, try the 30 day free trial…
But as was stated if you already have iso then open it with shrink in…

I really appreciate all the help, I’m up and running with no problems… :bow: Thanks again for the help:)