Dvdfab HD decrypter dont recognize HD DVD in toshiba sd-h802A

I have recently installed my new HD DVD reader : toshiba sd-H802A
But I can back up HD DVD because dvdfab decrypter (latest version) dont recognize the disc.

any idea is well come

any idea ?
any possible conflict with other software ?
I have disable anydvd.
thanks for help

I have upgrated to and I have already the same problem
the support of dvdfab give me stupid answers (copy and paste of general with no matter of the problem: media but I dont want to burn, change speed of burn etc …)

anyelse have the problem ? dvdfab HD decrypter don t recognize the HD DVD disc in a PC reader toshiba sd-h802A ???
anydvd recognoize with anyproblem the disc so I don t Think that the toshiba is the problem

help thanks :confused:

I will test it and post the results on monday

you have to install driver UDF 2.5
I have the same problem a few months ago

make on research with google

If that dont work why dont u just get any dvd HD. Works great and i have not had any problemes with it at all. Runs good with one click and clone dvd. But if u just wanna run dvdfabb click on this link and search for the driver u need!! http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/udf-2_5-format.html

Good luck

The OP got it straightened out :bigsmile:

Can you post what he did to fix it? I think I might be having the same issue.

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Japp - this is necessary on Windows XP systems!