DVDFab HD Decrypter and Handbrake - is it all you need for rip DVD & Blu-ray to iPad?

I would ask of DVDFab HD Decrypter and Handbrake.

If needs are simple and only to rip DVD and Blu-ray to hard drive to process with Handbrake to get files to iPad, is any other program necessary? Or can those two do entire job just fine by themselves?

DVDFab HD Decrypter is free and seem to have great job doing rip of Main Movie to computer hard drive. It work with Avatar on Blu-ray even. It look to have all features I prefer to have and I wonder if there is no need to even purchase full version of retail DVDFab product.

I seek confirm and opinions of this.

Thank you

I would say yes to your question, those two programs will fit your needs if you wish to use freeware :slight_smile: just remember the free version of DVDFab lags by 60-90 days when it comes to getting updates.


And DVDFab HD does not compress to DVD-5 size, AFAIK…So you’ll need the other great freebie to ’ shrink ’ it if needed…:wink:

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2586805]And DVDFab HD does not compress to DVD-5 size, AFAIK…So you’ll need the other great freebie to ’ shrink ’ it if needed…;)[/QUOTE]

:iagree: :smiley:

I use DVDRebuilder with HCenc for compressing to SL.

I also use DVDRB [I]when[/I] a high compression is needed…Most of the time shrink works pretty darn well for me needs!..Although when ripping main movie-only with fab pro works most if not all the time for me…Don’t need all the extra stuff, straight to viewing flick for me…:wink:

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@ t0nee1 , I have had good results with DVDShrink too . It probably is really as good as DVDRB. My thinking is DVDRB may be just a little better but fairly hard to tell.
I’ve noticed a lot of movies even when ripped DVD9 but movie only & only one audio track are small enough to fit on a SL DVD.
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Thank you for replies

I find during test of DVDFab all I need is what free version gives. Handbrake gives all converter features and DVD Shrink give DVD-5 option after rip with DVDFab HD Decrypter.

I need find only best Blu-ray equivalent of DVD Shrink and I could if chosen to rip 50 GB Blu-ray and backup to 25 GB Blu-ray. I do not do Blu-ray much and have only DVD portable player for car, no Blu-ray portable. I find DVD fine for all but special visual title like Avatar with computer animation. I need not that level of clarity for human faces on normal film like Mission Impossible 3 and like that.

I am glad to find DVDFab HD Decrypter is still all that is needed to get DVD and Blu-ray to hard drive. It is free and still work great. It is nice not to must pay over $200 for DVDFab full retail when I only need ripping. I am lucky they still provide HD Decrypter free to users.

Thank you for helping

@ SubZero , I haven’t yet worked with blu ray & I don’t have a BD drive If I did I would read Kerry56’s guide in the link below.

Since BDRebuilder now will compress to DVD compliant format I think it would be the best to use . It would be similar to what DVDShrink does.
I actually prefer DVDRebuilder to DVDShrink .