DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta (Supports HD-DVD)



Dear all,

We are really glad to announce the important update for DVDFab products: DVDFab HD Decrypter, which supports copying HD-DVD, as well as normal DVDs. Blu-ray support will be added soon.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is freeware, enjoy!

DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta (03/16/2007):

What’s New:

  • New: Added support for HD-DVD.
  • New: Copy HD-DVD to hard disk in “Full Disc” mode, in less than one hour.
  • Change: Significantly reduced the time to open DVD.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

Best Regards,


Wow Thank You Fengtao :clap: :flower:


You have been very busy!:slight_smile: I wish I had the drives to try this out!:doh:


How long does it usually take to rip a HD DVD to the HDD?

Congratulations on this.


For me, using it takes about 60-70 minutes using Anydvd HD. I’ll give this a try and see if it’s any faster. I doubt it, since I think the speed is limited by the drive. Let me know how long it takes you guys.


The release notes say “…less than one hour.”


My buddy has a hd drive, i just told him to try it out and see. I’ll post as soon as i find out. He owns at least 5-6 movies.


I thought that was the new improved ripping time for DVDFab.

Thanks guys.


Very funny. Since DVDFab is not in your commercial sig line (ad-supported posts?) I would assume you don’t use it or haven’t tried it. But do stop back often. You can check for new features in DVDFab and we can check for new ads in your sig!


Hi all,
Anyone here successfully rip an HD-DVD to hard drive using this version of DVDFab ?

I download beta - but DVDFab won’t recognize the add-on HD-DVD drive - It keep saying please insert disc !

My PC play HD-DVD movies fine with PowerDVD 7.2

Please help


Hi thuan98,

You need install UDF v2.5 driver to make Windows XP recognize the disc.


If you are using Vista, there is no such problem, since Vista integrates UDF v2.5 driver.

Best Regards,


This is all fine and dandy, but I also use DVD region + CSS free on some of my systems for purposes other than copying and it would be nice if we could get an update for that program as well. Many of us paid for it with the guarantee that we could expect future versions as new protections were discovered. There have been MANY updates to DVDFab, but Region free has sat idle (no pun intended) for over 6 months. It keeps going on sale at the website, but absolutely no other support or information is provided. What’s up?


You cannot purchase any of the products on the dvdidle site. That is part of the problem. Fengtao was able to get DVDFab move and even had to put up a non CSS version before it could be sold again. He is trying to find a way around [B]DVD region + CSS free[/B] once that can be resolved it is just a matter of separating the decryption engine from DVDFab. I know it is frustrating because I also have DVDIdle Pro too.



Thanks Fengtao for the tips
I install UDF driver - now I can see the content of the HD DVD disc
But when I bring up DVDFab HD Decrypter, it briefly display the disc name (about 1 second) then the box (has HD-DVD and DVD9) only showing DVD9
Choose the source, which show the content but that’s it, could not start ripping. If I take out the disc prior to start up DVDFab HD, then I see HD-DVD along with DVD9 in the drop down box

Am I missing something ?
Many thanks


Hi Fengtao,
For some good reasons, The DVDFab HD starts working now - no clue !
Ripping my copies of We Were Soldiers, King Kong, …
The Eagles Farewell Tour, I just drag and drop two folders to my hard drive - no DVDFab required. My PC play it fine, I don’t see the other 2 copy protection folders

Anyway - many thanks to you

Best regards


anyone having problems making a backup of “The Pursuit of Happyness” ?


Does anybody know if the 360 HD-DVD drive is compatable with DVDFab HD? I’m thinking most people are using it because it’s the least expensive, but I want to be 100% sure before I go out and buy the drive.


DVDFab HD Decrypter works well with XBox 360 HD-DVD drive.


Hi everyone,
I have backed up 9 HD DVD total - all good
But when I try to play using PowerDVD Ultra - There are 2 titles that could not play (no error, just nothing happen) :Full Metal Jacket and Unforgiven

Anyone here has these titles play from hard drive successful?
Am I missing something ?

BTW: They’re played fine from the disc



Bump to the top - Any comments on these titles ?