DVDFAB has screwed up my BURNERS! HELP!

1st off I love DVDFAB so this is not a slam in anyway however I am very concerned over my issue that I am having. I also have DVDshrink on my laptop and desktop as well as NERO. DVDFAB has been great at making backups for me but it has SLOWED my computer down BIGTIME!!! What used to take me 20mins to make a backup is now taking well over 2 hours for the rip and another 2 hours for the burn! Even when I play it back on my those drives it is choppy. What has happened to my burners and how do I fix this???


Deacon … sounds like your system MAY have reset to PIO mode on your IDE channels, vs DMA mode. That’s the first thing to check, anyway.

This happened to me, and it seemed to be that version of DVDFab (I was using Platinum 3086, and others reported some trouble with it). The new beta of the free version worked at normal speed for me, though Plat is still bogging down. If you’re not using 3090 Beta version, give that a try.

YUP sure sounds like it went back to PIO instead of DMA, in the setting under general there is a Reset DMA just click on that and it will reset your computer back to the DMA mode

Sorry but can you tell me ( a computer moron ) what i need to do
step by step…


Many Thanks!

Hi bp_deaconblues
Open DVDFab and on the top right click on the button that has a icon that looks like gear this will open common settings you should see a button that says RESET DMA click on it to reset your DMA :bigsmile:

Hi bp_deaconblues and welcome to cdfreaks

Agree with the three previous posters, sounds like a DMA issue.
If you’re trouble persists after using the “reset” tab, take a look at the two links in my sig. The first is quick and easy. The second link can get quite detailed, but is also worth a read if you’re interested in more info.

As xp encounters CRC errors, it will sequentially decrease the
transfer mode (rate of data transfer). XP will allow a total of six, at which point you’ll be stuck in PIO.

Hope this helps, let us know…

Everything worked!!! Thank you so much guys!!!


The guys on here are the greatest. They have really helped me allot as I was a noob on all this not that long ago. Jabe

Happy you got it fixed, glad we was able to help you out

Guess I’m 3rd in line, but…
Congrats… :clap:
May there be many happy burns in your future!