DVDFab Got a Mobile App to Monitor Its Task Status in Real Time



Just received a newsletter from Fengtao Software recommending me their DVDFab Remote, the recent endeavor to allow its customers monitor the real time task status of DVDFab client from your smart phones.

As I always try to be open-minded to new things, so I went ahead and gave it a shot, and here is what my feelings about this DVDFab Remote thing.

The Good

  1. Receive Timely Push Notifications from DVDFab Client

I have to say this move is really a nice one. The app itself is very much useful, especially to the users who don’t want to sit around the computer screen to wait until all the tasks in DVDFab PC client finish. Instead, they can go to do whatever they want in the house, like doing the laundry or cooking meals for kids, while the PC client is doing its own job. If something happens, like a popup dialog causing the PC client to pause the current task, users will receive a push notification on their smart phones, so that they know what is going on in the PC client, and then go back to the computer to take some actions depending on what the popup dialog asks, like insert a blank disc to the optical drive to continue the burning task;

  1. Monitor Real-time Task Status in DVDFab Client

If there is no popup dialog appears in the middle of the task (s), users still can open the Remote app at any time to check the real-time task progress in the PC client, like which task has completed, which has reached to a certain percentage, which is still waiting in the task queue, etc.

  1. This DVDFab Remote app is for iOS and Android platforms, meaning that a vast majority of users are covered; that being said, currently there is only Android version, iOS version is coming soon;

  2. After installation, the Remote can initiate an auto scan to check if your DVDFab PC client is currently running, so that you can establish a connection between the PC client and the Remote app; and it also lets users to manually set up the connection;

The Shortcomings

  1. Although it is named as Remote, don’t expect to use it as you do with your TV Remote. This Remote app only sends you the necessary messages when you are required to do something in the PC client, and you must go to your computer to perform that action, even if it is only a popup dialog simply two “Yes” and “No” buttons, you cannot tap that “Yes” or “No” button to dismiss the popup dialog in the PC client;

  2. Currently, this Remote app depends on only Wi-Fi network to work, which is to say, if you are out of your house where is beyond your Wi-Fi coverage, the app will not work. Maybe the developers are worrying about your cellular data plan?:bigsmile:

  3. For the time being, this Remote app only works with the DVDFab 10, which is still in its Alpha stage. Hope the final release will also benefit DVDFab 9, even 8 maybe.

The Verdict

Basically, this DVDFab Remote thing is quite a thoughtful move of Fengtao Software, I personally like the idea very much. To the users who have a habit to do multi-tasks or batch conversions, this app could be very useful.


Thanks for posting, I also mentioned this in our post about this new feature: http://www.myce.com/news/new-dvdfab-feature-shows-conversion-progress-smartphone-80724/


[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2782625]Thanks for posting, I also mentioned this in our post about this new feature: http://www.myce.com/news/new-dvdfab-feature-shows-conversion-progress-smartphone-80724/[/QUOTE]

You are welcome, dude!!:stuck_out_tongue: Seems I was not the only one interested in that handy app. Cheers…


thank you so much for let us know about this app. I also got a similar app to track my phone location, group chats, text message and many more using a sms tracker app. Did anyone else use this kind of app so far?