DVDFAB Gold Write problem


I have been trying to copy a few DVD’s thru FAB Gold but always get an error while wrting. First it prompts me to enter the media and then straightaway finalizes the disk before copying. I can copy an image and burn it to my HD but it is not able to burn that image either. Could it be that the Sonic version7 is creating some problems here. Should I just uninstall sonic, if yes, is there any comparative program out there that can burn other stuff too, like home DVD’s, CD’s, DV movies etc.
Also, I will appreciate tips on DVD authoring software compatible with Gold to create home videos.

Thanks much for your help

DVDFAB Gold is awesome,I tell everyone Lower your firewall while using fab.Next thing is getrid of Sonic.Go with Nero6.


Thanx for the reply. can I just delete sonic thru add/ remove programs and install a new writer? Where do I get Nero6? I am running windows 2000. Also, I am thinking of buying Adobe premiere elements, would that be compatible with DVDFAB Gold

How did you save to hard drive as image or folder? I have roxio 8 and nero IMO roxio is better.

I saved as an ISO image on the hard drive.

Another question, It is taking around 1 hour to read and write the image to HD (movie only) - A regular 100 min movie (hollywood). My drive is Matshita UJ832S. Is there a way to speed up this process?


Are you burning with gold or the roxio? If the gold your not running the sonic while burning?

I am using Sonic to burn the image as Gold gives some error and ejects the disk. I am very frustated with the read and write times. Is there any way of improving that, short of getting an external recorder.


Have you tried region free? I’ve used it with sonic DVD movie copy to record to image file. Import to video compalation select just the movie and burn. As for the long times you have, sometimes defragging helps

Do you mean AnyDVD? Will sonic be able to record ISO file with AnyDVD running in the background?

Also, is Sonic able to split DVD9 into 2DVD5’s or I have to use some kind of ISO buster. I dont have a DL writer and dont know how the compression is on Sonic. From quality perspective, if I create an ISO using gold and use sonic to burn ISO into disks, is it acceptable. What kind of quality loss/ issues I will have?

Thanks much for your help

http://www.dvdidle.com/dvd-region-free.htm Runs in the background so you can use your sonic to make iso. You get free 30 day trial. I have 8 but assume it would be the same as yours, When I tried disc copy would say copy protected but when I used copy movie DVD worked properly. If you import into compalation you can pick and choose any of it you want.

Hi aks1972,

Do not go out and purchase an external optical drive…they are far more problematic, ie., slower, more conflicts, etc., etc. If you’re given no choice as in a laptop, fine, but internals are cheaper and more efficient all around.

I’m not certain that I follow you…gold rips ok to your hdd, ie., you are able to view the movie from your hdd, right? When you put a blank disc in, fab immediately wants to finalize it? Does any writing occur at all? any specific error message?

Matshita (panasonic) drives tend to be very restrictive and are not supported by fab. Unfortunately, I think this is your major issue here with failed burns.

Nero is probably your best bet for an all around burning utility…it just won’t decrypt. I don’t think you can do better than fab for burning movies, but as I said, with the matshita…I don’t think that’s an option. I would stay away from nero 7.0., many user complaints and very buggy. I have v. and it’s quite stable. I know that the basic utility can be downloaded on a free trial basis but I’m not sure if you can still get v.6.* without purchasing it. Nero recode2 is more advanced and will give you many more opotions, but you would have to purchase the ultra 6 version to access it.

Just an FYI, matshita drives are not supported by DVD Region+CSS Free.

Sorry, I forgot to add in post #11 that sonic can cause it’s fair share of conflicts…never liked it. Roxio, almost certainly, will cause problems with other burning software.

I have roxio (sonic) easy media creator 8 never had any problems with it. I bought NEC drives almost got panasonic glad I didn’t hearing what you said. But with the NEC’s I wanted to record RAM disc’s that I recorded on my set top would not reconize them. Later found out on this forum in NEC drive section the model # I bought don’t support RAM :sad:

Thanks Maineman,

Maybe it is the Matshita drive and Gold that are creating the conflict. Here is what has been working so far,
Step1: I put the original movie in the dvd drive
Step2: run gold to create ISO image (for a hollywood movie it takes 1 hr to create the 2 ISO images - as I do not have a DL burner)
Step3: Run sonic to write the 2 ISO images to new blank DVD-R disks one by one. (this takes around 30-45 minutes per disk).

I checked the movie and was able to play on my SONY set-top DVD player. What do you think about the above process. Are the read/ write times acceptable? Would the final quality be as good as the original?. I have a laptop and DVD drive is Matshita - UJ832S.

When I use Gold entirely, at the end of the read process, i get a message to insert a blank disk. After inserting the disk, no writing occurs and it starts to finalize disk. The finalyzing is done in 1 minute but there is nothing on the disk. the Sonic ISO burn is working okay, so far. Also, my gold settings and the views look a little different than what is on the tutorial. I do not get that button for “USE 3th Burner”.

Sorry about the long post. Thanks much for your help!

@fino, that’s good news about no conflicts. I know last year we saw quite a few conflicts with users who had roxio. Maybe the fab and/or roxio apps are more stable now or maybe you’re just lucky… :iagree: :rolleyes:

The only weird thing was --disc copy-- with region free would say copy protected but would work properly in --copy DVD movie-- you would think if it would work in one it would in both http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=176539 And I guess I dodged a bullet with the drives I don’t know a lot about computers but do about home electronics and panasonics very good so I figured their drives would be the ones to get.

Like Maineman said if your going to use the sonic it would be better to use it beginning to end. Download free trial of DVD region + css free
use sonic start to finish see if it works better for you. Doesn’t cost anything to try. As for times mine are 12 to 15 minutes for each step. With your external drive will take longer.

I do not have a external drive yet, I was contemplating that if it improves time. Sorry about the confusion. as I mentioned before, I have a laptop with that Matshita drive.

What is this region you mentioned. Is this “DVD Region+CSS Free” or is it “AnyDVD”? Please let me know. Also, is there a utility to find out drive read/ write times?



When speaking of regions, we mean: