DVDFab Gold won't rip other region dvd's



I can rip R1 dvd’s fine because my Windvd player is permantly set to R1 but any other region and the picture breaks up how can I get past the region problem,do I uninstall Windvd (if that’s the problem) or do something else?


change the region in protection settings

different regions use NTSC or PAL and dvdfab does not convert.


I did that and it still doesn’t work properly the picture is still breaking up on any dvd that isn’t R1.


Like troy said some regions have PAL and not NTSC dvd’s and if your player is unable to play PAL dvd’s then the picture will be breaking up. [B]Also[/B] try another player to rule out if it windvd. Try[B] VLC[/B] player it is free or try nero or powerdvd if you have.


It did work previously with the other region dvd’s but once my Windvd player set permantly to one region dvdfab will only work properly with them so i’m assuming it’s to do with the windvd-so should I uninstall windvd or is there no way around it?