DVDFab Gold vs Platinum

I have been using DVD Platinum, Gold Mode, for a couple of years. Always works for copying full movie, features, menus, audio track, etc. I write to Memorex dvd+r dl. Never had a problem. Today I updated to the new v4.0.3.2 Platinum program. Backed up a movie as always (I checked the settings and I think they are the same as Gold Mode). Anyway, the ticker showed successful copy, verified, etc. But, the disk would not play, either in the pc dvd-rom or write drawer, nor in my dvd player. Again, this always works when I back up using the Gold Mode.
Anyone else experience this , and is there a solution? I like the look and feel of the new platinum version and would like to use it going forward, but not if the disks do not play.

Your help is appreciated.

Latest version is , and try "Clone mode for 1:1 copy.
from what I gather, most here including myself have better luck using Verbatim DVD+R DL media…But if Memorex works for you then have at it…

As much as I love FAB Platinum, I usually rip with Fab to HDD then burn with IMGburn in build mode,for most of my DL backups. But to each his own right?..good luck!

Fab Platinum in Clone mode works just peachy for me with Verbatim +R DL. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

t0nee1 and Arachne, thank you for responding so soon. I’ll give your suggestions a go and let you know how I make out. Right now I’m backing up Gilmour at The Royal Albert Hall, using Platinum with Gold Mode (my old faithfull utility). Disk 1 copied just fine. Working on 2 now. Later I’ll try the new Patinum in Clone as you suggested.

Thanks again!