Dvdfab gold updates?

I purchased DVDFAB Gold 2/2009, what is the procedure for receiving ongoing updates? I searched the FAQ, discovered that the automatic update doesn’t seem to work, but could not find a How to Update thread. thanks Clay

Check out the DVDFab Forum here:

All updates are posted there

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I’m moving this thread to the DVDFab forum. You should get more informed replies in there.

Please see this: http://www.dvdfab.com/docs/index.php/Main/NewOptions
Gold will continue to be supported according to Fengtao. DVDFab does not perform the update automatically,
but will notify you if one is available (if you have that option checked in Common Settings).

[QUOTE=signals;2289975]DVDFab does not perform the update automatically, but will notify you if one is available.[/QUOTE]

This was occasionally broken in the Gold/Platinum era, IIRC. I would typically come here or to the DVDFab website every so often to verify whether or not updates were available just in case.

I’d recommend keeping your 4.x or 5.x current release on your PC for a while since you can install the newest version without removing the old one first. This will make sure you manage to migrate your license keys sucessfully and it will let you fall back to something you know in case you get stuck trying to figure out a nuance of the new interface. I only recently removed my old versions myself.

I have this feature turned off so I’m not sure. The update notifier at one time ignored betas as well, not sure if this is still the case. Good idea to keep the old until the new is up and running smoothly.

Thanks for the help with DVDFAB Gold updates. i just dl 5.2.50 looks like the latest.

Where’d you get The old releases aren’t generally downloadable. The latest is here but you’ll need to update your key.