DVDFab Gold - Still No Video Preview

Please can someone help.

I have never been able to get the Video Preview function to work on my registered Fab Gold. I have got a seperate DVD reader and a DVD writer and I have tried both - they start up but only read for about 10 seconds. Nothing appears on the “Movie Only” preview screen.

I also have DVDShink, DVD Audio Extracter and Nero Recode - all of these have the Video Preview function and they work perfectly.

Am I missing a special Video codec or something for DVDFab to work.
Remember I am using DVDFab Gold 3038beta - maybe this feature does not work on Gold.

Otherwise, very happy especially now that burning directly with Nero feature is working again. Would appreciate some help.

Thanks :bow:

Does it work on customize? Also there is a [B]^[/B] on the bottom line of the Left column under selections Full Disc, Split, Main Movie, Customize, then there is a lot of space in the column and at the bottom there is a line [B]----^----[/B]. Click on the [B]^[/B] to open and close preview. I hope you can understand as it was hard to create like it appears a solid line with a small triangle in the middle.


Mack - thanks for your reply. Nothing on Customize. I can get the screen to pop up but nothing shows.

I use Platinum so was not sure if Gold was same. The box is black with start & pause buttons. Have you checked common settings, under General, Preview there are 2 boxes to check, 1 is show preview automatically, the other show what is selected. The wording is not exactly as on the screen, both are checked on mine.