DVDFab gold shutdown

Help! Ihave DVDFab gold 4 and all of a suddenI keep getting a notice that it has a problem and has to shut down. It’s happening on my XP and Vista computers. Anyone else having this problem?

does this happen every time you run the program ?
are you using the same reg key on both XP and Vista ?

Yes, I get the notice every time on both the desk and laptop using the same key I’ve used for a couple of years. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

FAB 4 isn’t updated anymore and down the road it might not rip the newer movies, Why not download FAB Gold 5 and request a new key but first I would to a complete uninstall using the instructions in SJ’s sig before installing 5

Try doing the following on the Vista system
Right click on the DVDFab icon on the desktop and select Properties then click on the compatibility tab and at the very bottom under [B]([/B]Privilege Level[B])[/B] put a check mark next to [B]"[/B]Run this program as an Administrator[B]"[/B]

:eek: Knew I should have stayed in bed over looked the v4 :doh:

Ok, I uninstalled 4 and installed 5. Now when the Welcome screen comes up I put in the code they sent me and it say, thank you, the app will now start - but it doesn’t! Just the welcome screen comes up and I copy and paste the code again but I still don’t get the application. It’s been trouble free for over a year, I don’t understand why this is happening now.

Did you request a version 5 key ? if so
The version 5 registration key they sent you in an attachment [B]([/B]will look like a Monkey Icon[B]) [/B]just drag and drop it on to your desktop and just double click on it :smiley:

dropping on the desktop did the trick, Thanks. What is Decrypter for and when and why would you use it with Fab5?

If you are talking about DVDFab HD Decrypter then you don’t need it, it is the same ripper theat is used by Platinum and Gold :wink:
and you are very welcome and also welcome to CD Freaks and the DVDFab forum :flower:

Also make sure you keep a copy of the email that was sent to you with the registration key