DVDFab Gold/Plat. All Versions



Is not the burn speed that you can set in the settings suppose to control the write speed. I have mine set at 2.4, but my burner will go up to 5.9 or more. Is this setting that you tell it to use not working.


Hi Camper,
Please let ask you on thing. Does the burn start out at or around the 2.4 burn rate that you request and very slowly increase as the burn progresses?


It goes up kind of fast till it gets around 5.9, even thro I have Fab set at 2.4. Can’t get it to set at 2.4 or slower.


I,m New also and don’t know much about PCs. Have ben working with Fab for 3 or 4 months. I’ve got lots and lots of things I don’t under stand and am to afraid to ask for fear that I’d not understand the answers.
I did, however, read in a previous thread that the wite speed changes as the lazer tracks from the beginning ( center of the disc ) to the end or the outside of the disc, having to cover more ground for each rotation of the disc.
I would think that the speed would start out faster in beginning and slow some as it reached the outer edges. Or vice versa, I get confuised. It seems though that the bite rate should remain about the same.
I hope I’m not wasting your time with my thoughts. As for me all I have is time. I don’t worry much about speed. I like to burn fast as long as the copies seem to be perfect, in my eyes anyway. I’ll continue to follow this thread and maybe we both will learn things.