DVDFab Gold or Platinum

I already have Slysofts AnyDVD = Clone DVD2 but I am looking for an additional package as a backup (good things come in pairs) been looking at DVDFAb as well as DVD clone lll. Now my stupid question to the users here is are you satisfied with DVDfab and do you feel feel it is worth the dollars.

I do like the really simple 1 click split function in DVDFAb but DVD clone lll also does the same. what do you find positif and negative with DVDfab products?

IMO, Fab is the best software of its kind…for many reasons. Ease of use, is one of Fab’s many outstanding features. This implies no disrespect to slysoft. I own anydvd as well and am very happy with it. At various times, I use quite a few tools from the ol’ toolbox.

Best advice, use the full retail version of platinum…free for 30 days. Experience it for yourself and let this determine your own pros and cons. Needs vary user to user and as you know, not every software performs similarly in every system and no decrypting software works perfectly everytime.

Bottom line…yes, I would buy it again…in a heartbeat.

Of all the software that I have bought, I would not give up my Platinum.