DVDFAB Gold issue..sort of

I’ve tried to burn a DVD to a blank DVD, but it copies the DVD and when it finishes copying it say “Finished Sucessfully”, but nothing was ever burn to the blank DVD. I put in another DVD(older movie only 66minutes long) and it goes throught all the motions and writes to the blank DVD. What am I not doing correctly? I should be able to burn “Any” dvd as this product claims.

Please help.


Which disc (title, region, country) do you have problem with?

Which DVDFab Gold copy mode do you use? Split movie disc, Split season disc, Copy main movie, or copy disc fully?

If possible, please try to copy DVD to hard disk, and check if the hard disk backup can be played by a software player?

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I wonder if you may have chosen image file accidently? That would be the only reason I can think of, but I have used Gold several times including 1 DL with success.


I was trying to burn Ghost Ship, Domestic Disturbance, Money Pit and Punch Drunk Love. I select the “copy main movie” and it will copy the movie and when it’s done it reads “Finished Sucessfully” and that’s it. The movie ends up in the “birth” folder. It will not write to DVD. All movies are region 1. I did burn a copy of House on Haunted Hill (old version) and was sucessful.
Any suggestions?

So they are on your HD, note te location and use that as source when trying to burn to a dvd.


I’m not sure I follow. Please explain in details if possible.

Gold has an option to create an image file (ISO) on your hard drive, so you can burn to a dvd with another program. If you get the message finished successfully and it is on the hard drive and you can copy it to the dvd with another program that could be the problem, there is a good tutorial here:


I have attached one of the screens.


I was able to burn Money Pit…by splitting it to 2 DVD’s. If a movie is under 2 hours then it should be able to fit on a 120min dvd disc, right? The only way I am able to burn movies that are longer than and hour+ is by splitting them. I’ve tried the other ways and it prompts to the DVD folder and will not let me select the DVD writer option. Am I doing something wrong? Should I uninstall Nero, maybe it’s conflicting with DVDFab? (Nero is worthless anyways. It’s only good to burn CD’s)

I thought DVDFab Gold was suppose to be easy? It’s been a pain since I purchased the full version.

If movie is on a dl disc and you try to burn the whole disc you may have more than 120 minutes. In Gold you can split it or burn main movie only in format of your choice. Gold does not compress, but Express does. to find out what disc and other info is on a DVD go to:


They display regions and languages it was produced in with other info about the DVD.