DVDFab Gold Failed when writing DVD 2nd Disc

Im having a problem when trying to burn the second disc in a two disc DVD.
The 1st disc burns fine. The problem is when it ask’s for a new media disc it will not reconise that its loaded and refuses to start. States the " No media disc in burner" Im a newbi so please can enyone help

I always give it time for burner light to quit blinking. Learned that because I was clicking too quick.


Have tried that, you could leave it all day and it would not accept the 2nd disc. Program works fine on single disc. Jon

Have you looked at the tutorial.



Yes, I have just started having this exact same problem. I have burned tons of discs with DVDFab so I am familiar with its use. After burning disc 1 it won’t burn disc 2. Ideas?

Check burning log. I have had times that I had to shut Fab down ans restart to get it to recognize a burner. Once went to device manager and scanned for new hardware and that fixed it. After 5 errors (I think that is right number), will change the DMA to lower number or to PIO. Might be a firmware issue too.