DVDFab Gold does not burn DVD?




My DVDFab Gold makes ISO files that I have to burn with Nero. DVDFab.com says that DVDFab Gold does burn DVDs.

What am I doing wrong?



Hi robrub

DVDFAB Gold does copy and burn to DVD’s :bigsmile:
I just went to DVDFab website and it does not state any where that it does not :confused:
BTY I saw your other post about spaceballs and gave a reply .



Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for both answers. I D/Led the latest version (had and now am with and installed it. After installation, the burn to DVD came back :slight_smile:

I had tried the premium and the gold before buying Gold and uninstalled premium. Maybe this mixed up things a bit.

Zone 1 Spaceballs in being processed and I’ll drop you a message on the other thread when it will be finished (in 1h45 min).

Thanks again :slight_smile:



Robert 1h45min is a long time to burn, maybe before your next burn try checking and see if your drives are set for dma, not sure if gold has a dma reset button like plat has but if it does and your drives aren’t in the dma mode just click on it in setting. I f you still have long burn times come back and let us know and I am sure Signals, Tim, Allan or BigMac can help you. :slight_smile: hope they don’t mind me using their names


Hi Jim,

2h20 is the copy / calculation / compression time and not burning time! When a Zone 1 DVD is read in a Zone 2 drive, it takes much more time than the zone 2 DVD in a zone 2 drive.

The Gold has the DMA reset button. I’ll have a look after the calculations and burn of the DVD.




Robert to me that still seems to take a longtime to complete the project, I would think 30 to 45 min max myself but then again I don’t mess with the different zones, just zone 1 myself, anyway good luck pal and remember any problems come back and tell the GOOD GUYS in the forum :slight_smile:


I have to agree with Jim on this. I’m in the U.S.A. zone 1 and my avg. time to copy to the HD and burn to disk is roughly 20 to 24 min. depending on the movie and encryption. That’s using DVDFab Platinum or Fab Decrypter and a different burning engine. So, I’d be interested to see what’s up to take 2 hours plus to back-up a movie. Good Luck, we’ll be waiting. ~ Mike



When I’m copying a zone 2 DVD on my Zone 2 laptop/DVD reader/burner, I’m around 20 - 30 minutes also (never really verified exactly). The problem is when you try to read a zone 1 DVD on a zone 2 machine. Normally, the DVD player and WinXP tells you that you cannot read the DVD (except by changing the zone of the machine but you can do this only 4 times).

I suppose that DVDFab must do a byte by byte read or bypass WinXP to acces and read the DVD as the read rate goes down to snail speed…

As for aur Spaceballs Zone 1 DVD, DVDFab hit the 100% at around 1h30 but continued at snail speed till 6 hours (yes SIX!) when I had enough and cut the copy process.

I’ll try with another ZONE 1 DVD I have (Much a do abouth nothing) ans see what happens. For the moment, Spaceall still resists :frowning:



Robert thats still way to long, check to make sure your drives are in DMA mode and not the PIO mode



I checked and I’m in DMA mode. When I’m with Zone 2 DVDs with my Zone 2 DVD reader/writer, everything goes real fast (20 - 30 min). The problem is when I read a Zone 1 DVD. Actually, I’m trying with another Zone 1 DVD and the data rate is at 0.50Mb/s. With zone 2 DVDs, it is around 3-4Mb/s



Hi robrub

So hey was you able to do the backup of spaceballs :confused:
waited to see if it worked out for you never got back on this issue :frowning:



Hi Tim,

I didn’t post anything as I was testing different things… Here are the results:

1/ Spaceballs : at abour 2-3 hours after the begining, DVDFab Gold hit 100% but continued to work. At about 6 hours, I had enough and quit DVDFab. All this time was used for reading/compressing the DVD.

2/ A tried with Much a do about nothing (another Zone 1 DVD). This time, the reading/calculating/etc took 3 hours and the DVD was burned. BUT the DVD can’t be read on my laptop (Zone 2) or on the home DVD player (dezoned). The .vob files can NOT be read on the computer either: I can hear the sound but no image and the sound jumps irregularly forward.

In both cases, the RCE setting was set to 1 as the DVD are zone 1. Nero 7 burn driver was used (via DVDFab Gold). FYI, the Zone 2 DVDs work OK. The DMA setting was checked OK.

Any ideas on what to test now?



I certainly would have expected DMA trouble with such long read times. Could this be a PAL/NTSC issue?


Could be. The DVD is NTSC and we use PAL in Europe. But, the DVD player at home and the TV are PAL/SECAM/NTSC so normally there should be no problems reading the backup DVD (the original ones can be read normally).

Does NTSC present a problem for DVDFab Gold?

If there was a DMA problem, then Zone 2 DVDs would be very slow too and they are not (about 1/2 hour).

TIA, best regards


DVDFab does not do any changes in NTSC or PAL. It will copy both, but cannot convert the formats.