DVDFab Gold Computer shuts down when copying

I use DVDFab Gold 4 as a copying program then I burn the file onto a blank disc. I do all of this using an external burner connected via USB port. When I start the copy process, everything seems to be going fine but after about 20-30 minutes my laptop completely shuts down without finishing the copying job. I have tried this process using my desktop in the house with no problems. Any solutions?

Just a ballpark guess, but do you have some way of monitoring the heat on your laptop ? I’ve seen PC’s shut down from high heat. Usaully during game play. But my temps always raise during a burn. ~ Mike

Did you put a check mark in the box that says shut down computer movie is done? If so take the check out of the box. Welcome to the forum.

I do not have the automatically shut down computer after process box checked. Besides, the computer shuts down during the copying not after. Also, heat is not a problem because I prop the laptop up so the heat can escape easily. After posting this, I tried doing the copy process using the drive in my laptop. The process completed successfully no problem and I was able to write to a blank using the external burner fine. It seems the only problem occurs when I try to copy the movie using the external burner.