DVDFAB Gold and DVD-9

OK, The following shows up in the product description:

"Welcome to DVDFab guide! DVDFab lets you make perfect copies of any DVD the smart way.

DVDFab is an application that will let you split your DVD-9 into 2 DVD-R, so that you can get the original quality and all the extras you used to leave outside with other DVD copy software."

However, when I attempt to copy a DVD-9 to two DVD-R discs, I am told that that is not allowed and that I can only copy it entirely to the hard drive.

I am using DVD-Gold version Please tell me how I can copy the DVD-9 disc that I copied to my hard drive to two DVD-R discs. Thank you.

Bill Dennis

Have you used fab successfully with your burner in any other mode (express, ect.) I’m thinking Fab is not recognizing your burner, and that why only the HD allowed. Fab is pretty flexible with burners, is it working okay with say Nero, or any other burn app you might have? Normally Gold does indeed split to 2 dvd5’s, splits by default, or you can customize it as I recall…

Larry has pretty much said it all.
Curious…what disc are you having difficulty with?..(movie?, episodic disc?).

You should have a Fab_temp folder that contains Disc1 and Disc2. I am not sure about the temp folder name but know it has Fab in the name. You will need to find the temp folder then choose one of the sub folders Disc# as source to burn first disc, then after it is burned, Choose the other Disc# as source. There is a great tutorial link listed in the “[B]Read First[/B] For Help” thread or you can find it on the dvdidle page where Gold is described.


I experienced this problem suddenly a few weeks ago, after using DVD Fab for a few months. In my case, I think that a recent Windows update messed up something on my PC so that the DVD burner drive wasn’t recognized properly. I did a System Restore to bring the system back to a point before my Windows update, and everything worked fine after that.

(I haven’t yet gone back to redo the Windows update.)

Frisco, could call…that could be it also, one of the last update a lot of stuff changed on my pc, but Fab thankfully unscathed…thank you MS!

No kidding FriscoFrisco, good call. I was having so many problems a few days ago and had made so many changes…never a wise move :eek: , I never even considered MS… :doh:

Larry, hahahaha… :bigsmile:

oops, that was indeed “good” call…thank you MM!