DVDFab Gold over Help!

Purchased DVDFab Gold
I used 3.xx with great success until I tried to back-up Shoot 'Em Up. Read in CD Freaks where 4.xx works with no problem.
Downloaded Works Great! EXCEPT…
On the download page it says:
“How to Update
If you have installed the old version of software, you can easily update it by installing the most recent version over the older one. Doing this will retain your registration information”.
I installed 4.xx to the same folder as 3.xx
In programs I have a shortcut to both 3.xx and 4.xx. Since I installed 4.xx to the same folder as 3.xx the shortcut is the same. I also have 3.xx and 4.xx in “add and remove programs”.
I want to uninstall 3.xx but am afraid it will uninstall 4.xx because 4.xx has the same name executible as 3.xx and is the same folder as 3.xx.

I still have the original DVDFabGold398.exe and Key.DVDFabGold.
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of 3.xx and have only 4.xx and recognize my registration.

Please, please help.

I found out by uninstalling 3.xx thru “add/remove programs” then
unstalling 4.xx the same way, then installing 4.xx and using the Key.DVDFabGold file from my purchase of works. I now only have 4.xx on the start menu and it’s only once in the registry.