DVDFAB Gold 3 not working - Help needed


I have been using DVDFAB Gold for last 2 years more or less and of course I’m registered user of this program. Until last week I used version 2 and everything worked fine – I could even say that this is one of the best programs I ever used. But 2 days ago I tried to use new version 3 and its a disaster so far. I’m using Polish version Windows XP Professional SP2 with all fixes from Microsoft, and DVDFAB 3 after installation is dead. I cannot turn it on. After double click on DVDFAB 3 icon, my PC is thinking 5-10 sec and… nothing. No error message - just nothing. Its quite strange because DVDFAB Decryper 3 works fine, and DVDFAB GOLD 2 to.

So I have no idea why this third edition DVDFAB doesn’t wont to run. I will be thankful for some solution and help.

You have to request a new key to use V 3. You can request it through the auto send on the support page. Be sure that you use the same email address that you used when you purchased it.


Ok but to paste key i have to start DVDFAB… And this is impossible atm

Two weeks passed and DVDFAB team is trying to avoid my mails - their only answer was:

And no real help. Very nice Customer support. If anyone of you have any ideas what I can do, I will be thankful for it…

I don’t think you have to copy/paste the reg key into Fab. When I got my new key when I upgraded to Platinum I copied it to desktop and just double clicked on it per the instructions. Perhaps I have misunderstood your difficulty.

Which version have you installed, try to install latest usually found in one of the [B]Read First Threads[/B] I think latest is Beta.


I just double-clicked on the email attachment and was prompted to start the application. It’s a good idea to save the regkey to a floppy or whatever…which is probably what signals did after copying to the desktop. As Fab 3 Beta’s were released, I seem to remember folks were trying various methods, such as c&p, which worked for some but not others…hard to figure out exactly what happened there.
The simple doubleclick method worked perfectly for me.

Try uninstalling Fab, use or retreive your new regkey (click on the link) and then download either:
Gold v. http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm
Gold v. Beta http://www.dvdfab.com/download.htm

Hope this helps.

Also may be a good time to run a registry cleaner and defrag. Also Version 3 installs in a different directory and has its own Icon.


Saved to desktop, second hard drive, and two jump drives :iagree: .

Registry Mechanic hepled :slight_smile: ty guys for advices

Great this is what it is all about people helping each other.


Hello and welcome!

I’ve the same problem. I’m working on Win XP SP2 Polish. I’m downloaded the Trial Version from dvdfab.com. After instalation, when I try click on the icon, nothing happen. I tried to repair reg with Registry Mechanic, but still nothing.
Any error. I’ve MB Gigabyte on KT400, Sempron 2200MHz, Kingstone’s ram, and Maxtor HDD. The system is up to date.

Thx for any advice!
Sorry4meEng :wink:

miszko did you close all slysoft programs running in the background? Have you got any programs running that may interfere with dvdfab?

Sounds as neurotic as me… :bigsmile:
…2nd hdd, cdrw, ext hdd (system clone)

Maybe a bad download/corrupted file? Have you uninstalled Fab and tried a new download and fresh install?
Definitely look into conflict issues suggested by motorcycle.

I had problems (that I can’t remember now) when I went Fab Gold 3 that were caused by the different folder issue. I later read that you had to uninstall the previous version first.
I can’t remember which version got uninstalled first but I also had to manually delete files and folders before reinstalling Fab Gold 3 and it worked.
I may have used Registry First Aid as well.
Hope this helps.
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