DVDFAB GOLD 3-Can you select chapters?

I was wondering if a feature exists within the MAIN MOVIE segment that lets a user select what chapters he would like to burn? If so, can you tell me how to use it? If not I hope Fantego will consider.

No such feature exists within Fab…it’s been suggested several times (similar to shrink) and I think Fengtao has it on his to-do-list.
For right now, you’d have to run it through re-authoring software.

You can click “Advanced Title Settings” to select chapter range, and only burn the selected.

Thanks Fengtao,
When I looked at customize (I hardly ever use it), I didn’t look beyond the initial interface…never noticed “Advanced Title Settings”… :doh:
I generally use main movie and clone.
Anyway, thanks for the info… :cool: