DVDFab gives away Passkey for free, offers loyalty discount



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I already have the DVD Passkey but this seems to include the BlueFab Passkey as well. I plan to get this .
It would be a heck of a deal to pass up.


Is 20 days the time it’s free for, or the time it’s being given away for?


AnyDVD all the way here, wouldn’t trust that fengtao for as far as i could throw him. I too wonder about the questions @matth asked, wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they backed up on their “free” version one way or another. No updates for new discs, need to “buy” an upgrade, …


I’ve never used DVDFab products, except for testing purposes. I downloaded Passkey today to see what type of installation they were offering. My copy says it is a lifetime version for both DVD’s and Blu-ray.

It never hurts to have alternative decrypters in your arsenal. So, its going to stay installed along with my copies of AnyDVD HD and MakeMKV, even though I may never use Passkey.

I’d advise people to take advantage of this offer while it lasts (20 days).


@ Matth , Maybe signals will also post .
It is my understanding this is a lifetime license with updates .
You just have to download & install it within 20 days from today 8/12/2015 .

I installed this on my XP Pro OS . I have AnyDVD HD on Vista & Windows 7.
On my laptop with W7 64-bit & XP home . W& has AnyDVD HD & XP has Passkey also lifetime but not from this give away .

It’s old news now but I didn’t like the way DVDFab handled it’s lifetime licenses with platinum . When all blu-ray was not going to be covered. The newer blu-ray requiring a new program & new license purchase. I’ve never seen anyone that copied what was on the DVDFab website for Platinum way back . So I like most of those that bought it can’t prove anything . I’m fairly certain that’s what Ch3vr0n is referring to. Most of us know & keep that in mind .
If someone asked me if fengtao was a person of his word I would have to say No.

On the other side he has continued to provide a free means of decrypting . DVDFab doesn’t have to continue that . So I will give credit where it is due.

Also at first their software was entirely free & DVDfab was one of the early softwares that decrypted at all.

@ Kerry , AnyDVD HD & Passkey don’t work together on the same OS.
Or didn’t the last time I tested this. If you haven’t tried yet you might test something to verify that. That’s why Passkey is on separate OS’s for me.


I don’t autostart decrypters, so I don’t see any reason why they won’t work. But I’ll check.

That’s interesting. AnyDVD HD is very persnickity about Passkey being installed! They say it is running even when I KNOW it is not. I’ve checked the running apps and services and can find no sign of it. AnyDVD HD will not run correctly till you uninstall Passkey. That’s really shitty of them.

Passkey on the other hand, couldn’t care less that AnyDVD is on the system.

I might have to set up a VM for Passkey then.


Edit: I saw your edit too late .
It was some months ago I found this out.
It seems at the time both complained but I don’t remember if Passkey went ahead & worked .
Since I have various real OS’s on different hard drives separating the two isn’t a problem.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2758411]I don’t autostart decrypters, so I don’t see any reason why they won’t work. But I’ll check.[/QUOTE]
I don’t autostart them either. Or many other programs either .

This is my Start up list form msconfig:

Avast Antivirus
Malware bytes Anti-Exploit
Personal VoIP Gateway
Virtual CloneDrive
Spybot - Search & Destroy

If any other software is auto starting I’m not aware of it unless it’s part of Windows itself.


Passkey didn’t seem to have a problem with AnyDVD. Maybe I missed it, but don’t think so. AnyDVD detects the filter driver installed by Passkey and has a genuine snit fit.

I couldn’t get Passkey to enable the optical drive in a VM. Just wouldn’t do it as far as I could tell using Hyper V. So I installed Passkey in my backup computer instead.


I have purchased both Anydvd HD and dvdfab passkey both lifetime anyone wants a decent decrypter for dvds and blu-rays don’t miss out on this offer.:smiley:


@ Kerry , Like I posted I installed Passkey several months ago when I got it.
I just remembered a conflict . Maybe it was just AnyDVD then too .
Or DVDFab could have fixed Passkey to where it no longer has a problem with AnyDVD .
For all I knew both companies could have fixed the conflict by now. I just though I would post the warning in case it was still there.
I would say that slysoft should fix this & I put the blame for the current conflict on them . Compete by having the best software not by refusing to work if the competitors software is installed . It just looks bad.

Still getting Passkey free is a great deal & anyone who can should take advantage of this.


Wow very nice offer… :slight_smile: