DVDFAB ~ Getting New computer, do I have to repurchase program?

If i have a paid version of DVD fab on my computer and the computer dies, permanently kicks the bucket, can i use my key code to put the program on my new computer, or do i have to buy the program again?? What are my options??? I am new to this…

The licens should be valid for one computer. As long as you only have the program installed on one computer that should be fine. The code is not hard ware checked.

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Your regkey is really all that you need. Keep it safely backed up, eg., floppy, cd, thumb drive, slave hdd…most of us also email the key to ourselves so that it sits on an outside server…say gmail for example.

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what do you mean by “hardware” checked?

The registration key is NOT hardware related, which means you can use the key on any PC, but just one PC at same time.

Dear People,
It was nice to hear that when I get my new iMac next month I will be able to install my new copy of DVDFab Platinum (and remove it from the old computer). Of course, I’ll be using boot camp and Win Xp to use the program.
I used the free version for quite a while, and decided to purchase the program because any company which provides such a useful product for free should eventually be rewarded with a purchase. I hope other people reward dvdfab with their money also.
Thanks for such a great product.

I agree raydeez…I love DVD fab…and its one of the few pay software programs i do own…and it is worth every penny…just one click and your off…

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