DVDfab frequently hanging at end of a task

Hi all,
I am using of platinum, and have spent the weekend trying to encode simpsons dvds. I ripped the dvds to the hard disk no problem.

However, when I try to do a generic encode on them DVDfab will often hang at the end of a task. Eg. If I choose 6 titles to encode, DVDfab will encode 2 of them and then hang right as it finishes the second one. I have to force close it and often restart the computer before it will work again.

I am trying to encode to mp4 files at 1000mbs and 640x480 resolution.
I am using a sony vaio that I bought last month which has windows vista home edition installed.

This is my first post. Sorry if I should have posted this as a bug in the build thread.


I have the same problem. When I do a convert to iPod from episodic disk, only the first two conversions done, other two conversions are cancelled automatically by DVD Fab.

I’m still struggling with this problem. I’m still trying to encode simpsons from ripped dvds, although I get the same problem with any episodes based disc, and the process hangs usually at the end of task 2 or 3. It takes me 3 or 4 attempts (each time just choosing the titles that didnt get encoded last time, till they’re all finished) to do a whole DVD.

Also, I am randomly seeing the program crash upon startup fairly regularly.

Other problems I’ve noticed include:

2 pass encoding using the mp4 preset doesnt work at all.

Really short titles (ie. 10-30sec deleted scenes from the simpsons) almost always fail to encode, after the first one, meaning I have to encode each one seperately (rather than just adding them all to the job).

Response appreciated,

Try using latest beta,alot of these kind of fixes