DVDFab for playing all regions?

Hi all–new poster here.

I recently bought a Dell laptop w/ 17" screen (the multi-media version). It’s Windows Vista. One reason I bought it is for playing DVDs from all regions.

Not knowing a lot about this stuff, I quickly realized that even DVD-playing software is region-protected. So I started searching for downloads to get around this problem.

I ended up here. It looks like DVDFab is a great all-in-one tool for watching any region DVDs, for copying them, etc. My question is–will it let you simply play DVDs from any region or do you need to copy them first? Initially all I wanted was to be able to view them but I’m thinking, maybe copying isn’t a bad idea either.

Or do I want DVD Region+CSS Free? what exactly is that? What are the pros and cons of each? Please educate me.


Hi Harmo and welcome to cdfreaks.

I’m running a little short on time, but I’ll try to pass along some info.
With each os, MS becomes more and more proprietary… :Z
(I will stay with xp pro for as long as possible).
Your bkups created by Fab will be region-free. There is no way to make the original (studio) disc region-free.
It may be possible to flash your burner with region-free firmware…you will have to post the make and model# for us to help you with this.
(You can obtain this info with Nero CD-DVD Speed
…click on the link).

You can also purchase a region-free dvd player…pretty cheap these days, but this defeats your original intent re: playback on your laptop.

DVD Region+CSS Free has hit some legal snags and has not been updated since Oct. '06, so the decrypting capability is not current re: newer releases.

Hope this helps.

many thanks for the quick reply.

In other words, if I got DVDFab, all I’d have to do is copy and then watch it region-free? Sounds like a simple enough fix.

I didn’t realize the other program is no longer being updated…I understand.

many thanks,


PS as far as flashing the burner goes–my laptop is a Dell E-1705…is flashing risky?

Yes, it is risky. On the one hand, flashing drives is done all the time. Unfortunately, on the the flip side, you run the risk of creating a very expensive paperweight… :eek:
Internal burners on laptops are pricey and any attempt to flash with anything except dell authorized firmware will void your warranty.

Again, if you download the nero utility, it will display the make and model number. This is a free, safe and incredibly useful little utility.

Any questions, someone is usually around.

Good luck.

Oh sorry,

Yes, you can create bkups with Fab and watch any region disc.
At $0.25 each for high quality SL discs (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden) and about $1.50 for Verbatim +R DL discs…this is a pretty easy fix…not to mention you can keep the originals in great shape!

Sounds good. So with Fab there really is no need to do this “flashing,” right?

sorry for all the very basic questions…it’s a learning curve!

That’s correct, the bkup disc created by Fab has all copy proection and region-lock removed…I apologize for my hasty and less-than-complete replies.

No need to apologize. You’re very welcome…glad to help.

Gotta run.