DVDFAB for blue ray and where to start



I use DVDFAB now dvd to dvd option with no problems. I want to start copying blue ray disk but don’t know where to start. Some of my questions are: 1. What type of blue ray writer and disks do I buy. 2. Can I still copy non blue ray disk using the dvdfab blue ray software. 3. Should I copy the entire disk or just the movie? Any information would be helpful.


  1. The Pioneer 205BK is well regarded around here. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827129051

For relatively low cost blu ray media, look at the Verbatim BD-R disks. I’d stick with the regular ones now, not the LTH variety. You can get them at lots of places, including Newegg.com.

Japanese made disks are good too, but much more expensive, especially when adding shipping direct from Japan. Nikoneko ya is regarded as a good source for Japanese media. For example: http://nikonekoya.com/recording-media/blu-ray-media/25gb-bd-r/sony-blu-ray-disc-20-pack-25gb-4x-bd-r-printable.html

  1. You’ll still be able to use DVDFab for dvds.

  2. Entire disk or movie only depends on your personal tastes/needs. I do movie only backups to retain best quality when burning to 25gb disks. I use BD-Rebuilder, not DVDFab.


hows it going guys… will bd-rebuilder decode bd movies and burn to another disk? or does it create a ISO file? hows the process? thx


BD-Rebuilder will not decrypt commercially made Blu ray movies. You’ll need either DVDFab with the Blu ray add-on or AnyDVD HD to decrypt the movies.

Normally what I do is decrypt the movie with AnyDVD HD and use its built in ripper to place the movie on the hard drive as an ISO file. The reason to put it in an ISO file is because some software used for playback of Blu ray movies will not play from file format on the hard drive. But you can mount the ISO file in Slysoft’s VirtualClone Drive and play them from there. VirtualClone Drive is free to use. I keep the complete movies as ISO’s on a large storage drive.

To make a copy of the movie to burn to a 25gb disk, I mount the ISO in VirtualClone Drive and use BD-Rebuilder to compress the main movie only. The output from BD-Rebuilder can be in file format, another (smaller) ISO or you can burn automatically using ImgBurn. Normally I output as files and burn manually with ImgBurn.


There is one other option for decryption of Blu ray movies, and it is still free while in beta. The program is called MakeMKV. It will not compress, or re-encode Blu ray video, and it will not output in Blu ray format. It makes high definition MKV files. http://www.makemkv.com/

Through roundabout means you can use this program to produce unencrypted copies of your Blu ray movies and still play them in a Blu ray player. Make an .mkv file from the disk using MakeMKV. Open this .mkv file in tsMuxeR and have it output as a Blu ray disk. If this results in a Blu ray video that is too large to fit a 25gb disk, you can compress it with BD-Rebuilder.

I haven’t kept up with development of MakeMKV very closely, so I’m not sure how well it works with the newest encryption, especially the new versions of BD+. But it is a free option to try.


thx guys I am gonna give it a trial using those softwares… thx


I gave it a try with both software. I used AnyDVD to rip Blu-Ray movie to HD. Then I used main Movie in DVD-Fab and BD-Rebuilder, in order to shrink down the size. Both software mentioned 100% quality after selecting audio streams and subtitles. Output is set for BD25 (single layer Blu ray Disc).
DVD-Fab folder is always 2-3 gigabytes larger than rebuilder. Trial version of Nero 10, Burning Rom (position BDMV-Video, used to burn Blu-Ray discs for that case) does not recognise DVD-Fab files, says non compliant, and refuses to add them for burning. No problem with Rebuilder.
I don’t know what am I doing that it is wrong and I get these differences in size and problems in burning.
On BD rebuilder I have clicked the following options in set up: Do Not Convert DTS To AC3, Do Not Reencode AC3, Keep HD Audio for BD25 encoding and Remove Workfiles after rebuild.
On DVD-fab I have chosen the Main Movie option and from the right panel I chosen Audio streams and subs.
Any ideas what I do and it’s not right? Thanks in advance for any input.