DVDFab for Blu Ray

I have read and heard that Blu Ray has won the battle for the next generation of DVDs!

I would like to know if a version of DVDFab Platinum Edition will be created to decript and burn Blu Ray dvds?

If any one can help me with this

Thanking you all in advance


Hi Fernando. I don’t have Hi-Def drives, but I think Platinum will already do this for both BR and HD-DVD.


Sorry for the questions but I am not too savy qith the computers! Say if I were to buy a dvd burner for my laptop will I still be able to decript and burn regular dvds?

Sure if you set it up right.

Sorry i meant if a install a blu ray dvd burner rewritable in my laptop will I still be able to decrypt and burn regular movies with that blu ray burner?

Hi f18hornett,
I do not own a blu-ray or hd-dvd burner. But I read a lot about it. All I can say, that this drives are compatible with DVD discs. I’m not sure, but if they are compatible, you should be able to decrypt DVDs and surely a blu ray movie with DVDFab Platinum.

Signals or Amiga,

By any chance do any of you know if with a regular dvd burner will I be able to decrypt and burn a Blu Ray disc and still get the blu ray video and sound? If this could be done will it have to on a blank blu ray disc or a regular blank disc?

Thanking you in advance

You must have a Blu-Ray drive to read the BR discs. A regular drive will not work. I guess theoretically you could read the BR disc (if you had the drive) and compress and burn it to a DL but I don’t know how good it would look when played back. I am not sure I understood correctly what you are trying to accomplish.
As Amiga said, the new BR drives will play standard DVDs.