Dvdfab first time user!

could somebody please help me !!!:flower:
i have been trying to find appropriate software to finally clear my room of dvds and put them all onto my external hardrive to view on my tv via my ps3.
after hunting around i was assured that dvdfab platinum and dvdfab mobile would be the answer to all my problems !!
great i thought, so i just paid for it, downloaded it and installed it onto my computer within the last hour. chucked my first dvd in and straight away it says

“The disc contains css protection, this version of dvdfab platinum cannot copy it”

the main reason i bought fsb was because it could beat all the protection stuff so that i can back up all my dvds on my hardware!
am i missing something or have a made a mistake getting this software?
please could someone help as i cant afford to pull any more hair out of my head over this matter!!!

thankyou all who help

Hi markwilliams and welcome,

You’re not the first user to run into this.
Forgive the copy & paste, but this should resolve your issues.

[QUOTE=maineman;2178410]Sounds like you inadvertantly dowloaded the wrong application…that is, the [B]non-css [/B]version from DVDFab.net.

You need the the [B]css[/B] app from [B]DVDFab.com[/B]. Click on on the sticky by Fengtao…right here on on the Fab subforum and the link will take you to Fab.com

If you’re interested, here are some details:

thankyou very much for the quick reply, i shall try this at once and let you know the outcome!!

this help means alot to me so thanks againmaineman!!

o.k im def getting closer to what i need !!! great!!
however now i have backed up my first dvd! i connected the hard drive to the ps3 , fired it up, found the movie and it began to play, great so far,
however after half an hour it stopped and i had to go back to the menu screen to select the next half hour segment to play, bit frustrating as i was hoping to get the movie into one file so i could watch it from start to finish without having to muck around with the menu four or five times for every movie.
i figured i might have copied the dvd in a wrong file format or something so went back to dvdfab to convert it. however once it began doing that i noticed it would take around six hours to complete this.
is this normal to take so long? seems to long for mr to convert one film which is two hours in length, maybe its just the noob coming out in me but any help would really be appreciated.

i really want to have my movie collection on harddrive to watch throu my tv but it seems a really confusing and complecated process any help would certainly deserve a beer or two from me!!!

backing up dvds turning into nightmare!!

[QUOTE=markwilliams;2224236]backing up dvds turning into nightmare!![/QUOTE]

In coversion settings use the dropdown for ps3 vob pass thru