DVDFab Feature Request - Support for New Model ZUNE



Please include a Zune 2nd gen ripper that outputs to 720x480 (max supported by the new 80gb Zune). Mp4 format option would also be nice for it.

Currently I can’t rip to that resolution no matter which mobile option I pick (generic, Zune, etc).



Modify the profile yourself if you don’t want to wait…

It is just an XML text file and doco is in the profiles directory.


Cool, I didn’t know I could do that. I modified it and on a test widescreen track it ripped beautifully. Thank god b/c the other programs besides DVDFab are crap!!


Does the Zune support WMV? If so (and I’d suspect it does since Microsoft makes it). you can also try the XBox 360 profile.